Fallout 4 2014 patience after VGX no show

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2013

With the Spike VGX awards now done and dusted, it looks like the Fallout 4 community are back to square one. After the painful but somewhat brilliant Fallout 4 teaser site turned out to be fake, fans are now in a situation of not knowing if the game will ever come out in 2014.

Bethesda meanwhile has been keeping silent on the matter, recently coming out in public to only state that they had nothing to show at the Spike VGX – the same event where they famously unveiled Skyrim for the first time.

At one point, rumors had gone into overdrive so much with various ‘trademarks’ being filed, that it almost looked a foregone conclusion that we would see Fallout 4 in some capacity at the VGX. Unfortunately it didn’t happen though, not a teaser trailer – nothing.

With Bethesda knowing that the entire Fallout 4 community is disappointed with the lack of news, it would be nice to have some sort of official statement on the game during Christmas to give fans hope. Complete silence is not nice and it’s the opposite to Bioware tactics, who at least provide teases via concept art to ensure fans that Mass Effect 4 is coming in 2014.

Has Bethesda missed an opportunity to give the fans want they want, or are they well within their right to deploy some ‘Rockstar’ style tactics and keep fans waiting until the very last minute? It now looks like a possibility that Fallout 4 may not even be out until 2015 at the latest – what would your reaction be to that outcome?

Back to square one with the Fallout 4 relase train – not good everyone.

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  • Cameron Wolfgang Mcfall

    Umm do all not know how long it takes to make game of that scale like 3-4 years and they may have to build a new game engine for it just like they did with skyrim and also they are planning to release to elder scrolls online next year so chill your ass and wait goddamn they could be building it right now as we speak just not saying anything jesus people

  • ass