Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics after release

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2013

With next-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles now out, it’s time to take a look at just what a difference those resolution discrepancies can mean – if any. This week, we look at Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 Vs Xbox One, with a graphics comparison showing the 1080p native game on PS4 compared with the 900p Xbox One version.

It goes without saying that a lot has been made about the resolution differences in next-gen consoles between the two systems, but the jury is still out on whether the advantage on PS4 versions are significant or not.

We have a gameplay video to show you now, giving you the exact conclusion on what the Xbox One version of the game looks like at 900p. To the average gamer, this is probably going to be mean nothing – but tell that to the tech enthusiasts out there who treat videos such as this one like gold dust.

Some slight foliage differences, but nothing special to see here..

Some slight foliage differences, but nothing special to see here..

On first viewing, the easy answer to say could be that there are no clear differences whatsoever between the two. Both versions look almost identical to each other, although some of you will probably disagree.

We’ve already seen feedback from some of you who believe that the PS4 version looks more ‘natural’. In comparison though, we’ve heard at the same time that the Xbox One build is more ‘sharper’ than PS4, despite running at a lower resolution.

Near identical?

Near identical?

Honestly speaking, we don’t think there is a ‘clear winner’ here. That is probably a good thing, despite the resolution differences. It will be interesting to see how other multi-platform games with resolution differences fair – we’ll be taking a look at other titles this week.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Do you agree that there is no clear winner here – is Xbox One more sharper than PS4 or not?

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  • Yehoshua

    The Playstation 4 seems to have a fog or haze to its background… Was it a cloudy day in all the screen shots? My choice would have to be the Xbox One. It may have a lower number by a mere 180p less than the PS4, but it looks better. The color is richer, better saturation by a small margin. I watched the video several times, and had other people view it. We all came to the same conclusion. Xbox One. What is the news on backwards compatibility? I’m still waiting to buy one until this issue is resolved. What is the point of upgrading a system if you can’t bring it all?

  • Howard W Fisher

    i think the Xbox One graphics look better. The resolution seems sharper and brighter to me.

  • Hassan

    Xbox One, in spite of having slightly inferior specs in comparison to PS4, still handles it pretty well. If not, perhaps a little too well. It definitely handles distance far better than PS4, it is indeed “slightly sharper” as the editor mentioned. However, most certainly, the PS4 does take the crown in some instances. The clothing, close up textures on skin, seemed more defined when it came to transitional cut-scenes. That’s about it from me. Don’t be discouraged to buy either version, both will satisfy you for sure. I can say without a doubt this generation of gaming will be great, and both systems will have much to offer on the same grounds.


  • Jacob Kral

    I think this might have been done before downloading and installing the ac4 update on ps4.

    The original version of the game, prior to updating with a patch, ran in 900p as well in the ps4. They weren’t able to reach 1080p with the same frame rates on Xbox, (though I’m sure it’s still possible with some adjustments, lower fov, less dense foliage, etc..)

  • Marty

    “more sharper” – now that is some quality handling of the English launguage!

    • Abe

      “Launguage”… wow. That moment when you critique something you have no idea about.

      • Doc Brown

        Except Marty is not acting in a professional capacity, whereas the author should be.

    • Krepler

      Hey McFly, nice fail!