Nexus 10 2013 silence leads to case mystery

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2013

With Google continuing to remain silent over the highly anticipated Nexus 10 2013 release date, it looks like a foregone conclusion that the elusive tablet isn’t going to see a release in 2013. Having said that, we may just have one final light at the end of the tunnel rumor to share with you, thanks to some interesting new whispers online.

As we told you recently, Google failed to step up to the plate with a Nexus 10 2013 release date during the busy shopping period, a period which most of you expected Google to sell the device online. It would have been a logical decision you would have thought with so many consumers eager to buy, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

Now, with Google saying nothing on the matter, something very interesting has turned up on Amazon Germany. Head to this link and you’ll see that Nexus 10 2013 screen protectors are going to be sold from the retailer on December 20.

Naturally, curiosity has got the better of us here and we’re intrigued to find out whether this is Google’s new secret launch date for the next-generation Nexus 10. The company has given no hints whatsoever that a release could be happening just before Christmas – but we all know what a sweet Christmas present that would be.


Amazon is often the source of early leaks, so is this something worth getting excited about, or another of Google’s bogus Christmas crackers? With the disappointment lately, we understand if you are feeling skeptical about this.

It’s worth keeping an eye on for sure though – give us your thoughts below.

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  • JesusHChrysler

    Google has missed the prime shopping season. The result? More and more of us have decided to purchase the Samsung 10.1 2 2014 edition. Had I not waited for the
    release of a Google ten inch tablet, I could have saved $50 had I purchased the Samsung on Black Friday.

    Why does Google insist on using their lame veils of secrecy? Why do
    they even have a public relations and marketing department? They
    obviously think they are above us customers. Well guess what? You can
    blow me while I use my new, fabulous Samsung. It’s powerful, engaging and has a kick ass screen.

  • Kieran Mullen

    Stop posting these lame no content articles you sorry bunch of lazy writers! This same rubbish is being posted everywhere. “Thinking of something intelligent to write about is hard…”

  • CzarOfTruth

    With so much consumer interest in a new Nexus 10 tablet you would think they would release it early enough for the Christmas holidays.
    I’m assuming it must be a production problem or something of that nature for Google to leave money on the table.

  • Skeptical

    I notice that Google has also been silent on that dinosaur they cloned. What are they hiding?

    You know here’s a crazy possibility that you might want to consider: maybe Google is silent on the release date because it doesn’t exist.

  • cucurucu

    Here’s hoping!