New Titanfall gameplay with PS4 sadness

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2013

Those of you who were looking forward to the latest Titanfall news update were not disappointed during the Spike VGX awards. New Titanfall gameplay has been unleashed and it’s yet another painful reminder that PS3 or PS4 gamers won’t be able to enjoy the game when it lands in 2014.

We had been starved of new footage for the game prior to Spike VGX, as EA and Respawn had been showing the same old footage at each trade event in recent months. However, we finally had a new look at the game over the weekend, with Respawn unleashing videos showing the new Stryder and Ogre class of mechs.

The graphics look absolutely stunning and we love the marketing style of the video – especially after watching the likes of Elysium recently. We know that the game will be out in March, but we also know that there’s no chance of Titanfall coming to the PS3 or PS4.

The game is exclusive on Xbox consoles and PC, so it could be a sad time when the release date lands in March. Enjoy the new footage and let us know as a PS4 user if this is one game that you really wanted to play.

Would you rather have Titanfall over say, Killzone?

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  • Joe Mama

    OMG Titanfall looks epic. PS4 won’t miss it though, as most multiplayer games are best on either PC or Xbox. PS4 is great for eastern RPG’s no doubt, and lots of cinema-centric point and click adventures, but XB1 is already shaping up to be the prime multiplayer console yet again. Not concerned if the Japanese and French prefer PS4, as I don’t play Pokémon…

    • That guy you know

      Although games such as pokemon are nice, keep in mind the uncharted and killzone series, which titanfall looks like a spin off from. The above video looks no better than fallout 3 and although I am slightly disappointed over the ps4s loss on it, It will clearly be the dominating console again this generation.

  • Market Half Empty

    Bad commercial decision by Respawn. PS4 will clearly be the leading platform this generation and it is beyond doubt that it is the more powerful console by a significant margin. I am sure it was worth it in the short term for Respawn as MS would have “compensated” them with a pretty penny. But it does not bode well for the FUTURE of this relatively new company. Not having your game on the leading platform for maximum exposure for a new company is akin to an up and coming director making a movie only Bill Gates can watch. Yes, the money will be good this year, but limited exposure will prevent the company making that next step. A bit like Naughty Dog (and I really love their games). If they did not deal direct with Sony, infinitely more people would know who Naughty Dog were. At the moment, Rockstar have a far greater brand recognition and it is not because Naughty Dog cannot produce games as good as Rockstar, it is just that they are commercially naive – or that ND would rather not take the risk of properly putting their games to market without the guaranteed cheque from Sony. No risk, no reward. Seems like Respawn are just not that ambitious. I understand now why they split from Infinity Ward – IW were probably too commercially ambititious whereas Respawn preferred the safety of a known, guaranteed pay cheque. Timed exclusives are one thing, but platform exclusives are another. So, I won’t be playing Titanfall as I have a PS4. And Xboners won’t be playing UC4. And, more importantly, Respawn and Naughty Dog will never be Rockstar or Bethesda. I guess we’ll just have to see if it sells aa many units as, say CD or Battlefield (multiplatform games). My money is on CoD and Battlefield by a lightyear or two.
    I see that Respawn have the gall to say they may make for PS4 in the future. Pfft. Interest in the series will have passed by then. A bit like if the next Halo came out on the PS4. Not interested. I don’t see what people see in Halo, but maybe I would have if I had have had the chance to play one of the earlier ones.

  • seeafish

    I’ll take Shadowfall over this CoD with Mechs any day. It looks very fun, I’ll grant that, but not a system seller for me.
    Also, having seen the game up close at EGX, I don’t understand why people say it looks good. It really doesn’t IMHO.

  • xp_kiler

    Im getting an xbox 1 and selling my ps4,cause Microsoft is buying a lot of exclusive games I want.lococycle,killer instinct,plant vs zombie garden warfare,titanfall.none of those games would be on ps4 maybe untill 2015 or 16. Im not gona wait again.ps4 dont have no games that instress me and if they do its also on xbox not battling MS for exclusive so dont make no since staying a sony fan anymore bye sony

  • AwesomeDude

    I really want the game to come to PS4 as I have no intention of buying an Xbox One any time soon. I certainly wouldn’t buy a new gaming PC or update my current one just for this one game. It’s sad that it won’t come to PS4 but I wouldn’t cry over it as there are many other great games out there that will be coming. I’m more of a story gamer than multiplayer gamer anyway.

    If they released for PS4 I would happily buy it but seeing they aren’t doing so, I’m happy enough playing with what PS4 gets. No matter what happens, this is one happy gamer that get’s a good game either way.

  • kevin

    I really don’t care about this game as I play on pc as well if its ok I will play it on pc but it is not going to make me buy something that looks like an old vcr come on xbox £429.00 pounds for that piece of crap and your arrogance at e3 ,I will never buy of you again ,I have bought the ps4 and it is fantastic and completely happy ,I bought the xbox 360 that’s was brilliant but I do not trust you anymore ,it looks like I was right buying the ps4 as it is kicking the ass of Microsoft .

  • jubbathehut

    This is what the one of the guys at respawn said on whether they will make games for ps4.

    Of course we will,” studio co-founder Vince Zampella said on Twitter last month. “Just not the first Titanfall.”

    so we might not get the first titan fall, but there appears to be more in the pipeline. Does this game run at 1080p?

    • LupineMP3j

      They could do what Bioware did with Mass Effect, releasing the second game and beyond on PS4 as well and then perhaps bringing the first in with a collection some time later.

  • LupineMP3j

    New Titanfall gameplay has been unleashed and it’s yet another painful reminder that PS3 or PS4 gamers won’t be able to enjoy the game when it lands in 2014.

    Titanfall looks very nice, but I’m not THAT torn up about it not being on PS4. After all, PlayStation has Uncharted and The Last of Us. Xbox needs some good games too. I won’t bleed and die without Titanfall on my console.

    In addition, I’ll be able to enjoy the game perfectly fine when it lands in 2014. It’s to be available on PC. I wish people would stop treating it like it’s an Xbox exclusive.

    • michael evans

      Little jealousy towards xbox there, comparing unchartered to titanfall…….really

      • LupineMP3j

        I’m pretty sure I didn’t compare them. They’re in two different subgenre. Comparing them doesn’t make sense. I simply stated that PlayStation has some huge blockbuster titles and Xbox needs them too. If you disagree or want to read that as jealousy, that’s your problem and not mine.