GTA V wins GOTY, but fans wanted The Last of Us

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2013

In an overwhelming sense of inevitability, GTA V has won the Game of the Year award at Spike’s VGX over the weekend. Many thought this would happen, but it looks like a lot of you are not happy with the decision. As good a game that GTA V undoubtedly is, we have seen plenty of feedback which suggests that The Last of Us from Naughty Dog should have won instead.

While Naughty Dog may have missed out on the grand prize, they came up with the next best thing, by winning the prestigious Studio of the Year award – beating Rockstar in the process.

We certainly are not surprised to see GTA V win the award after so much hype, but it is very surprising to see just how much support there has been for Naughty Dog’s game The Last of Us. We’ve heard all sorts of response on how ‘the awards were rigged’, but at the end of the day both respective developers have come out with great awards.

What do some fans think of GTA V winning over The Last of Us though? Just take a look for yourself:

Did you tune into the show live? If so, let us know if you think GTA V is a worthy winner or not. Has the recent problems with GTA Online contributed to the growing support for The Last of Us perhaps?

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  • John Marston

    I will start off by saying I’m glad that GTA V won GOTY. It would have been my choice as well. But the VGX awards seem inconsistent, like they do every year. It seems like they try to give every award to a different game instead of giving one game multiple awards.
    For example, Assassin’s Creed IV won Best Action/Adventure Game, beating out both GTA V and The Last of Us. Should that not disqualify both GTA V and TLOU from winning GOTY if they did not even win best game in their own genre? Then again, AC4 was not even nominated for GOTY, so that is very odd. GOTY then went to GTA V, and The Last of Us had not won any awards, so they gave Naughty Dog Studio of the Year. It seems like they are trying to make everyone happy.
    Now if it’s between GTA V and TLOU for those two big awards and the same game can not win both, I think I would actually give The Last of Us GOTY and Rockstar Studio of the Year. Just for the sheer ambition they demonstrate at Rockstar, and the years and years of work they put into their games, no developer works harder than them and puts more love into their creations.

  • Nick

    I’ve played both and honestly, The Last of Us had a great story, but story alone isn’t enough for GoTy. The open world is what won it for GTAV. It had a world that literally gave life to the game. You got to play how you wanted to play, and there’s so much to do that like GTA4, I’ll be playing this game for the next 3-4 years with my friends. It’s an amazing game and there’s still more to come with expansion packs. Not to mention GTA Online as broken as it was.

    GTA V deserved the award. I’m glad it won. Hats off to Rockstar.

    • Cappernougght

      THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one that understood this. The story is only part of the qualifications. And mind you GTA V had a compelling story. Maybe not as grasping as Bioshock Infinite, but still leaves the player satisfied. People who want The Last of Us to win only want the bragging rights.

  • David Sylver

    GTAV (with the exception of Trevor) didn’t add anything new to the mix so it didn’t really deserve GOTY. However with the amount of excess violence and cheap publicity stunts it couldn’t really fail to appeal to the low-brow/teen demographic. Sheeple are sheeple…

    • DX11213

      Nothing new…except for the fact that it basically combined SA and IV into one, and that’s something that people have been wanting for years now. I’d argue that the MMO-ish MP mode, the switchable protagonists, all of the new abilities (some from max payne, some from mcla), and the revamps given to pretty much every core mechanic of the game classify as big changes.

      TLoU on the other hand was nothing more than a mediocre stealth-shooter with a good plot.

      And for the record, V barely had any publicity until the last few weeks, the game basically sold itself to the fans, so no publicity stunts there. As for violence…look at TLoU…

    • Cappernougght

      Yep sheeple are sheeple. Surpirsedto here that coming from a sheep. Shouldn’t you be saying bahhh bahhhh?

  • That_Told_You

    GTAV is the game of the year for me. In fact i would of given Rockstar North developer of the year as well. Sure The Last Of Us is an ok game, but nothing ground breaking and pretty straight forward. Where as GTAV is one hell of a technical marvel/achievment. It’s a whole living breathing world on a disc with amazing graphics that makes other developers look like amatuers.

  • Hi Be

    well biased sony fans obviously.Not many fans are upset that Gta V did win GOTY,its just sony fans(mostly)…not me though,I own a ps3 and gta v is goty…

  • Cappernougght

    What is this obsession with The Last of Us? It was ok but nothing groundbreaking. Are Sony fans that upset their exclusive didn’t get game of the year?

    • Hmm

      I guess I’m a “Sony fan” but that’s not why The Last of Us was great. What ridiculous world do you live in? As for the game not being groundbreaking… you make me lose hope in humanity. Although if you’re not a story/idea/thinking person I guess you wouldn’t like The Last of Us.

      • Cappernougght

        Aside from the mellow dramatic tone of your comment “lost faith in humanity”, please. I unfortunately live in a world where the internet is overrun by fanboys. Most wanted Last of US so they can say”see see, GOTY is a sony exclusive, PS is the best! You may not be one, but you comment kind of says otherwise. The fact that you attack my intelligence shows what kind of person you are and how there is merit to my statement. I do like thinking/story driven games. Just because GTA has violence doesn’t make it and lower in the story department. If anything Bioshock Infinte should be the winner, but as for playability GTA has the most content. A huge world to explore. Story is only part of what makes a game, Game of The Year. But some one like you wouldn’t care. Open your world to other games and you might find some good games outside the Sony universe…..

      • nicehatchives

        I don’t usually comment, but come across as an arrogant fanboy. The last of us is quite average in both story and gameplay. I think Bioshock Infinite definitely deserved GOTY for sure. But of course it is a third party game and so its not something you fanboys could brag about huh?