Battlefield Bad Company 3 hinted for 2014

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2013

We could have some very interesting news to give you now, especially if you are a Battlefield fan. While Battlefield 4 has only just been launched on current, next-gen and PC platforms, we are already talking about a possible new Battlefield game arriving in 2014.

The big rumor that is going around though, is that this Battlefield game won’t be developed by DICE. It was initially thought that we wouldn’t see a new Battlefield game until 2015 with plenty of DLC content still to come for Battlefield 4.

However, industry analyst Michael Pachter has gone on record to say that a new game is still coming next year. As you can imagine, speculation has now started to run wild on what the new game could be, if DICE are not in charge.

The obvious one to consider is Battlefield Bad Company 3, the one game that fans still really want to see. Further details revealed here suggest that DICE could be giving way to Dead Space developer Visceral who will oversee the new Battlefield game in 2014.

It’s obviously early days yet, but what do you think about this possibility? Obviously it wouldn’t be surprising if EA put out another game next year. Do you want it to be Bad Company 3 though, or something new altogether?

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  • Mike

    As much as I would absolutely LOVE to see BFBC3 released, I just don’t see it happening this year. I don’t think is the game they’re talking about. I couldn’t imagine EA working on BF4 DLC and BFBC3 DLC and multiplayer servers simultaneously. When it is time for BFBC3 to be developed, I would definitely like to see more of an open world than what was made in BC2. The original BC was in my opinion, the greatest FPS ever created. You could do what you want, how you want to. Heck I kind of wish they’d remaster the original BC for next gen consoles with new updated graphics and destruction.