Minecraft 1.7.3 update notes with direct download

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2013

We have some good news for all eager Minecraft players now, as Mojang has now confirmed that the Minecraft 1.7.3 pre-release update has gone live. We now have the download link available, in preparation for the full update which will be going live next week.

As further preparation, we’re happy to bring you the Minecraft 1.7.3 patch notes for you to read through as you wait. It looks like there’s one big change that is going to make a lot of you happy. Twitch TV streaming is coming to Minecraft and will be available via a one-click broadcast feature that will go live with the 1.7.3 update.

The other changes in 1.7.3 are:

– Fixed render distances above 8 (may not work in multiplayer, servers have their own view distance they limit you to)

– Many bug fixes and optimizations!

There’s some tinkering to be done before you can get Twitch TV up and running. We suggest you read through the instructions over at Mojang’s site for a full heads-up.

To download the 1.7.3 pre-release update in preparation for next week’s update, you can use this direct link. Are you very happy about Twitch TV broadcasting? Give us your reaction below.

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