Fallout 4 Tunnel Snakes Rule with a Sad Violin

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2013

It was all one big joke. The alleged Fallout 4 teaser site thesurvivor2299.com has been exposed as an elaborate hoax. Two videos have emerged which we’re a little surprised were not a rickroll. Instead, the Fallout 4 community has been left with one tear-inducing conclusion – tunnel snakes rule with a sad violin.

Admit it though, this was a brilliant hoax. Almost everyone was fooled by the morse-code tomfoolery of one individual, prompting thousands of fans to debate and decipher codes under the assumption that this was the work of Bethesda.

Doubts had already been confirmed after Bethesda themselves said that they wouldn’t be showing anything at this weekend’s Spike VGX awards. Now though, you can head to what is left of the teaser site to be left with a video playing sad violin music.

Moments before that, this video originally played the amusing ‘tunnel snakes rule’ viral. We have to say that we believed that this could be Fallout 4 teasers in the making, so we hold our hands up and say well done to whoever was responsible.

Months of speculation has come down to nothing. We still don’t know when Fallout 4 will be announced, or if it is coming soon.

Give us your thoughts on this almighty troll – be honest and say if you fell for the hoax too, there’s no shame in it.

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