Tesco Hudl vs Argos Mytablet review with one winner

By Alan Ng - Dec 6, 2013

Earlier on we told you that Tesco Hudl stock was drying up fast, with consumers in the UK unable to get hold of the popular device before Christmas. One budget tablet that will be available though is the Argos Mytablet – a rival device which we now take a look at again in comparison with the Tesco Hudl tablet.

We first told you about both tablets here, when we gave you a detailed specs insight for both devices. Now though, we can bring you a video review, allowing you to see up close and personal on which tablet is the better of the two.

The Tesco Hudl is proving to be the most popular compared to the Argos Mytablet and this review seems to justify this tenfold. You’ll see that the build quality on the Hudl is favored over the ‘tinny’ feel of the Argos Mytablet.

The Hudl is incredibly cheap at £119 considering it comes with a quad-core 1.5ghz processor, but the Argos Mytablet is even cheaper at an amazing £99. For the lower price though, you’ll have to accept a dual-core 1.6ghz processor and just 8GB of storage compared to the 16GB on the Tesco Hudl.

Watch the brief review below and you’ll see that there is only one winner. Don’t be fooled into buying the Argos tablet just because it’s £20 cheaper. You may regret that once you see how good the Tesco Hudl is in comparison.

Do you think the Argos Mytablet has a catalogue of errors and have lived to regret buying one?

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  • Hudl User

    I contacted Argos the other day to see when they were expecting more stock and the reaction was very much “What’s a MyTablet”?

  • AnonTechNews

    “One budget tablet that will be available though is the Argos Mytablet”. Well done Alan?!? The Argos tablet hasn’t been available for weeks. Officially Argos say it’ll be back in Jan… What’s the issue?? Ask them if it was Google certified,… anyone with access to an Android developer account could tell you the answer.