Ryse: Son of Rome unites PS4, PC desperation

By Peter Chubb - Dec 6, 2013

It was rather obvious that some gamers would be persuaded to go for either the Xbox One or PS4 because of exclusive titles, and we already discussed in detail at how some gamers had gone with Microsoft’s next-gen console because of the addition of Ryse: Son of Rome.

This is one of the standout games for the Xbox One, and has put a few people off getting the PS4 because of it not being supported on that particular console. It is very clear that there is a need for Ryse: Son of Rome to make it to the PlayStation 4 and PC, and as such has united some gamers out of desperation.

There is currently an ongoing petition to bring Ryse: Son of Rome to the PS4 and PC and needed the support of 15,000 signatures. The current total is 12,399, leaving 2,601 signatures left.

PS4 and PC fans would love the opportunity to play Ryse: Son of Rome, but we have to be real here, Microsoft is going to keep this an exclusive title because it forces gamers to choose the Xbox One rather than a rival console.

We’ve already seen some people going for both consoles because they much prefer the PS4, but missing out on titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome was out of the question.

Going back to this Ryse: Son of Rome petition for a PS4 and PC release, it’s never going to force the publisher and developer to rethink their decision is it, which makes under wonder what the point is?

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  • GS

    The PS4 is only slightly more powerful than the X1. Harnessing that power probably won’t even happen in the next “7-10” years, so grow up.

  • GregJG

    The game is pure ass except for graphics. Those PS4 and PC gamers looking for signatures are sad indeed.

  • clancy87

    Really wish ad seen this advertised before i got ps4

    • Josh101

      Don’t fret, the game is terribly boring and repetitive. You made the right choice. If you think you are going to go all Achilles and jump out of a Trojan Horse, Ryse is far from it.

      • clancy87

        Thanks for the heads up. I got the impression it would be like a total war 1st person game. Cant stand when your misled.

    • Excluding Revenue

      Really? I tend to agree with Josh below, but even if it awesome, do you really think 10 hours of good gaming, justifies the next 7-10 years having the clearly inferior console? Like UC4 will be awesome (far better than Ryse, I say) but that is not reason to choose between consoles as their will be hundreds of games on both in a year or two. Besides, in my opinion, a TRULY great game cannot be an exclusive (timed maybe, but not completely exclusive). That is why one can never say the Unchartered series is truly great. I bet the sales figures for UC4 are less than, say Fallout 4, because one has about a third of the market of the other.

      • clancy87

        Well put