PSN down for maintenance, times shows favoritism

By Peter Chubb - Dec 9, 2013

On December 9, 2013 PSN will be down for maintenance for a period of 8 hours for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita users, and it clear looking at the times that this downtime shows favoritism. Gamers will not have access to the online service from December 9th at 16:00 to 00:00 GMT on December 10th.

Looking at these times we can see that PS3, PS4 and PS Vita users in the UK and Europe have not been thought about because this being the busiest time for online gaming.

It is easy to see that US gamers have been given preferential treatment because this PlayStation network downtime will not affect them as much.

Having said that, PlayStation Europe was the only ones to confirm this downtime on its Twitter page. This was confirmed about 40 minutes ago, and as yet there has been no update from its US counterpart, so maybe it is just a European maintenance schedule only?

Whatever way you look at it, this time still sucks if you are in the UK and we would have thought by now that Sony would have chosen a far better time to perform scheduled maintenance.

Update: It seems as though this downtime will be for US as well because gamers have already reported that PSN is already down, although it’s earlier than Sony said.

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  • Matthew Stfc Walker

    It was down earlier and then came back on now down again why cant they just do it all in one and give us a timescale then they wouldn’t get us all moaning about it cause we would know when its happening….. they make things worse for themsleves!

  • Paul Gbel

    been down since 0900 gmt forget the 1600 not been able to play online since 0900 with dc universe and had store issues vita and ps3 yepp PS4 the Best place to Play is Now a brick NOT HAPPY!!!!!!

  • FartKnocker

    I think I’ll read a book. Those still exist right.

  • Christopher Tyler

    In Connecticut, still down 🙁


    PSN needs to get their $#!* together… they are always down and half the stuff works on the OS. Im not so sure the PS4 is ready for use.

  • I♥psn

    Oh stfu. Im in the US and am suffering. I wouldn’t be on your pathetic webpage if I wasnt searching about psn down status. Get over yourself and stop attempting to alienate entire continents to psn.

    • DruidsCalling

      In the USA PSN has been back on for over 2 hours…

  • BillBlowMe

    Typical! These guys cant fart and chew gum at the same, see how many regional psn sites report network operating just fine…add to that DC (dumb c*nts) Universe online that always reports servers up and running even during scheduled maintenance, but thats not a shock since these guys will insult your intelligence by quietly modifying past news releases when they cannot deliver features previously announced ( I see the news release sir and it clearly says that feature will not be available in this update, no sir i cannot see the original version of the news release, no sir I cannot accept an email with your screenshot that clearly shows the feature was going to be released in the next update).

    I call for a boycott until these crap service providers start delivering a service that is actually worth paying for (that includes all gaming systems). Why are we expected to carry these companies with our money until they get a system functioning? Would you pay for a train ticket only to be told you will have to walk the last 5 miles until such time as they have sold enough tickets to actually finish laying the tracks?

  • D Ford

    Down is the US as well.I miss my xbox lol.

    • Ryan

      its back up in the US…

  • Ryan

    Its back on :]

  • jayjay

    Japan Psn is still live for who have to play online games 🙂

  • Carlos Cruz

    I don’t know why you people are making a big deal about this. This is for the better for us, for our gameplay, nothing else. Ypu guys are opset because you wake up thinking about playing all day (like I did ) but couldnt because of the update. Go out and play call your friends watch some movies go clean the garden or the neigbor’s garden i dont know lol It’ll kill some me nd by the ime you finish you xan play. For Gods’ sake people c’mon

    • Carlos Cruz

      Xcuse my cellphone writing -_-….

  • Matthew Stubbs

    Not working yes in UK. Pissed off much’

  • ChalkyWhite

    I can wait its not that serious … If its to help make psn better im all for the few hour wait

  • David Brymer

    It says 16:00 til 00:00, that would translate to 4pm til midnight, and thats wrong..cause I been trying to play all night from midnight until now 6:52 am and cant.

    • Seiwei

      16:00 to 0:00 GMT time, hun. GMT

  • Mark

    fyi sonys site is saying 9 to12 pst so if that holds true it should be back up in 3 to 4 hours. Apparently they posted on their site friday for mon maintenance. What they should do is send ur psn account a msg. More likely to see that since i only check their site when there is a problem

    • Shea1384

      You got it man!!!!! I think everyone checks the site only when there is problems. Sending a post to our accounts just seems like common sense. Odd that a company with that many people can’t figure out how to make us aware of a nuisance such as this.

  • Runi

    sad panda, and here i was wanting to myth farm in XIV this morning before work :/ stupid PSN!

  • cripper

    Knew there was a reason to hold off on GTA story mode and The Last of Us. But which game to pick. hmmm

    • FartKnocker

      last of us it’s more fun

  • Shea1384

    They really need send a heads up!!! I need to scratch my itch for call of duty! That being said, Sony is not showing favoritism to the U.S. It is simply business. We have a lot more lazy people over here, kicking out online play all day. If you record the lights on the map that light up where people are playing, you will see the U.S. never goes dark.
    If it is favoritism, then they picked a bad time to do it here too.

  • Daniel Weston

    Y is it down already as it says between 1600 and 0000 on the 10th

    • David Driscoll

      The date changes at the stroke of midnight. How could you not know that? It’s common sense xD.

  • Bradley

    Yeah, I just bought FF14, and can’t play it.

    • aceion2012

      oh well another smart move (sarcasm) on to the xbox for the next howmany hours left 😛

  • Damn U PSN

    Down in Detroit!!!!

  • Ryan

    Wish they’d give us a heads up earlier -_-.
    When should it be back?

  • disgruntled gamer

    down in miami, florida 🙁
    i want to play madden 🙁

  • ben

    US as well, your so flatteringly.

  • jaydee

    mine is down too @ planet mars;-)

  • goforplat

    Down in Ontario, Canada as well. Don’ t see any favoritism yet.

    • David Driscoll

      Canada never gets any special treatment from sony. These UK’ers are making it seem like we get the best treatment of all when really they do and they don’t realize it. Look at their ps+ for example. That’s a pin point example of SHEER FAVORITISM :/.

  • jester29

    Down in S.F. Bay Cali

  • Avarice

    One thing I don’t really understand though (and would love information about if anyone has any) is why it’s going to be across all systems. I only have a PS4, and while good, it’s still got some kinks. So I get why some updating is needed there, but not why it’s required on the Vita and the PS3 (apparently). I am new to sony, so I really don’t know one way or the other, but do they do this often?

    • Jongjungbu

      Yes. Probably once a month on average. In one respect we are glad they are performing maintenance, but it sucks when it happens at a time when you actually want to get on as opposed to when you were asleep or working (or school if that applies to you). The one positive I can say is that when it is up and works, it normally works 100% for me.

      • Avarice

        I do like that you can still access netflix and other services though while it’s down. I’m a former xbox guy (yeah I know there are a lot of us) and when xbox live goes down your screwed. No warning, no youtube, no netflix, no indie games, etc.huge inconvenience.

        • Jongjungbu

          Yeah that part is nice. I’m a former xbox guy. I would definitely say the above guy that says not once a month, well it really is about once a month. I have all the Sony platforms and access them even while I’m working, and on average it is about once a month that you cannot get on. It’s just often times most people are at work or school and don’t even notice when it is unannounced or only last a few hours, but I use it as an instant messenger to a lot of people. So it’s noticeable when it doesn’t work.

    • Shea1384

      It’s across all systems because they’re doing maintenance on the network itself. I have all 3 of the systems that they referred to, and all use the same network. Your system isn’t shutting down, you just can’t go online w/ it.

      It’s not once a month either, and usually it’s a quick update to download. Not a whole network freeze. Hope I clarified enough for you.

    • Carlos Cruz

      Very often

  • Avarice

    Down for me in the US, just got off work and wanted too play some battlefield. This is way before the scheduled time off as I understand it XP. What can you do though, hard to do maintenance on something with it running. A shorter period of downtime would be nice though. As would some type of advanced warning that doesn’t require me to google why it’s down.

    • atrain

      I agree with this guy. Same here in Key West FL

      • Jongjungbu

        Yeah, no access here in Melbourne FL as of 8:30 am (GMT-5). No news on their official blog about a downtime that I can see, but this explains why none of my outgoing messages would send.

    • Ray

      This is exactly what happened to me._._._. Down in NJ

  • Sean

    Place: Scotland.
    Time: 13.41
    PSN Status: Down
    Mood: Pissed off

    • Parker

      tii ritght England down 13.54 fking bs!!!

  • Rev-Knox

    Down in Kentucky Ohio area 🙁

  • Mdpsn4

    Bad way to wake up, I hope it’s a complete over haul because the XML sucks, abd by the way the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the MECA for all gaming PC,console hell everything, we spend the money and without us the world can’t survive, I love everyone I’m not a hater u just can’t please everyone

    • Jeff

      In your dreams, the USA is tiny in the scheme of things. 10 times more online gamers around the world than the entire population of USA. Rest of the world also pays more for every game, console and PC than USA prices. In return for paying more tax we generally all have proper public services like health care without a cash register at the entrance.

      • Zakk Sinurge

        1.2 million consoles sold in 24 hours in the us . 250000 in that same time in europe you sir are just flat wrong the us most certainly the biggest gaming market and its not even close .

    • F*ck the yanks

      Actually if everyone else boycotted your sh*tty culture and products and films etc your dump of a country and economy would crumble even more, be thankful we take any notice of your sh*t yank.

  • Amoz

    Down here in Korea…. came home from work… No psn…. sucks balls

  • Mdpsn4

    Mine is down also, Maryland, USA

  • Austin

    Damn it. The day I my school is closed and I cant play gta online.

  • BillyDaKidd_CMH

    Down in Florida. Bad way to wake.

    • Paul

      Tampa here..NOT HAPPY!!!! Why would you not do this over night SUNDAY!!!!

  • Andressssjdhdj

    Mime is down here in mexico

  • Dom

    Down here before 16.00 in Portugal so it might have started early but hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow 🙂

  • bob

    well mine is down already

    • bob

      and i am in ireland so it is 25 past 1


    If it really is such an issue to go without online services for as little as 8 hours then the real issue may be admitting to having a problem with gaming addiction, a break like this may actually be the best thing for those who are showing such concern at the idea of it, i love playstation so much but there is more to life, if your moaning at this clichéd idea then it may be the perfect example of the point I’m making. Go outside, read a book, watch a DVD

    • Azza

      It has nothing to do with a gaming addiction. Some people work through the day and enjoy an hour or so playing games every other day after finishing work. The times Sony have chosen to carry out maintenance is ridiculous. Today I have a 4 hour gap between my shifts and have come home for dinner, with nothing else to do before going back to work I thought I would have a quick play on call of duty only to find that the psn is down.

      You have the audacity to sit there telling people the have an addiction, to go outside, read a book or watch a DVD for coming here after not being able to get online. Why don’t you follow your own advice and stop trolling?

  • michael

    If only there wasnt so many diff error codes and it instead states that psn is undergoing maintenance I woulded have to breaak my router thinking its farrked 🙂

  • codgod1985

    I have psn 12 month bought on Saturday for my ps4 woke up this morning and bang it says you need psn to play online what the F is happening

    • reamerb .

      same here, i brought a 3 month ps plus says i need it to play??

  • mattyy101

    4 till 12 and it started like a 10am in uk so that is 8 hours should be up by 6pm tonight …. il just go on the xbox one … which went into storage on ps4 release date XD

  • Charles Mootster

    The US is far more populated than the UK, therefore it makes sense to do the maintenance in a time frame that would piss off less people. It’s not rocket science.

    • jaczor

      You are aware that this affects the entire world, meaning every country that shares the same or a similar time zone to that of the UK, which is a lot more people than the US population.

      • Troll

        This statement is wrong but whatever

    • death to yanks

      Who gives a flying f*ck if it upsets some fat yahoo hick c*nts in america?

  • vituttaa

    16.00 – 00.00 ??????????????? its 11.24 and its NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!! nice info AGAIN PSN ! have to buy xbox and stick ps4 into someone ass.

    • Dayo Ogunyinka

      Yh, im quite annoyed aswell 🙁

  • Sincerely, Gamer.

    Seriously? Who is this guy? You can’t be a real gamer if you haven’t already figured out that USA has always been the center of the universe when it comes to gaming. But take heart it is actually a complement if you are first to be affected because it also means you are less inclined to whinge or cause trouble. Take WKC2 for example, it was originally released to the EU players 2 months before the US. The abnormally loud screeches of fat ass, no life, US gamers could be heard the world over.

    When the US misses out they whinge and they cry and they stamp their feet claiming they are the “superior country” and they MUST receive preferential treatment. Sony is just making the smart decision that affects the least emotionally unstable of players. Yes it does seem a smarter decision (and more even handed) to do maintenance in each separate region during the off time hours for each region but that would be too hard for Sony to comprehend nor part with the extra money to do so.

    Do what the rest of us second rate countries have always done and go catch a few movies, go for a walk, work, hang out with friends or hell go toilet paper your neighbors trees if it gets you doing something.

    • Fatstogey .

      So usa whiners huh? Cause that whole thing you just wrote is a passive aggressive CRYBABY WHINE. You must be american by your own statement then. If you arent american, lulz you might as well be.

    • Psn Down

      I wouldnt say that usa is the center of gaming…

    • heathsroms

      While the USA has made some flagship games lately (Fallout, Uncharted), to say that the USA is the center of gaming is ridiculous. Nearly every major turning point in gaming has come from some kind of Japanese product. In fact, Nintendo, a Japanese company, is credited with the resurrection of the gaming industry from the gaming crash of the 80’s. Heavy Rain came from a studio in Europe. The Final Fantasy series’ developers, Square Enix, are from japan.

      Secondly, to assume that all Americans are just fat and lazy and just demand everything to be handed to them is what many call profiling. It has nothing to do with “emotionally unstable” players. You, on the other hand, are giving a prime example of the idiotic and stereotypical views the world sees of Americans.

  • José Francisco Dávila

    If Sony would pick another schedule they would still show favoritism towards another region and maybe we’d see an american post like this. I don’t know why Sony don’t stop time to do the maintenance in order to be even with all the world.

  • Josh101

    Seriously you guys? Seriously? Grow the F up. Preferential treatment for maintenance? You are grasping at straws. It’s a rollout on the update. It makes sense that certain parts of the world no matter what are going to have an update at a time that’s not best for them. Sony or any other company for that matter cannot change the fact that it takes Earth 24 hours for a full rotation.