Fallout 4 release date news at Spike VGX in doubt

We have some bad news for those of you who were expecting to see a Fallout 4 release date announced over the weekend. After months and months of speculation, the Spike VGX awards was thought to be the location where Fallout 4 would finally be confirmed as official.

However, Bethesda has finally spoken on the matter, confirming to the world that they don’t actually have anything to show at the Spike VGX event on December 7 – if you can believe that. We’re not sure if they are lying just to build up anticipation further, but it doesn’t look that way sadly.

Here is what Bethesda’s Pete Hines said on Twitter on the subject, look away now as it is bombshell material given the hype level that we have seen for Fallout 4 so far.

Just as Pete Hines says, we think deep breaths are needed on this occasion. It almost looked like a certainty that Fallout 4 was going to be announced within days, but the developers have just said it in black and white that it won’t be happening.

What is your reaction to this? Assuming it is true, do you still think we will see a Fallout 4 release date in 2014 or not?



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