PS4 browser flash demanded, Sony remains silent

By Alan Ng - Dec 5, 2013

It’s time for the community to come together once again and send the word out to Sony. The current PS4 browser is severely lacking at the moment and one of the main causes for this is a lack of flash player support. Sony has shown that they will listen to fan demand, so it’s time to make your voices heard.

Sony initially promised that the PS4 web browser is significantly better than the web browser inside the PS3. However, PS4 users are starting to scratch their heads on that since may websites do not render properly with the lack of flash.

Earlier on this week we wrote an article about requested features needed in the Sony PS4 1.52 firmware update. Top of the list was flash support, as it’s now clear that most of you require this functionality. We have a feeling that Sony can add this simple plugin in a future firmware update, but first they need to know that there’s a demand for it.

The official stance from Sony on the matter, according to the PlayStation support website is this:

“The PlayStation 4 web browser does not support the Flash plug-in. This means that some websites that require the Flash plug-in may not display or function as intended. In many cases, visiting the mobile version of a website will yield a more PS4-friendly iteration. We do not have information on any future plans regarding the inclusion of Flash in the PS4’s web browser.”

We have already seen Sony change their mind about CD and MP3 support, by promising that these features will be included in a future update after they were missing at launch. The same should also apply to DLNA server support as well.

Do you want flash support in the PS4 browser? Make your voices heard below and let Sony know about it – they have to listen if enough speak up.

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    Update with flash player and all chrome extensions, like ADBLOCK….SO MUCH MONEY FOR THIS SO MAKE IT FULLY OPERATIONAL!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Noel Evilsizor

    I want to be able to watch TV shows from their network websites on my PS4 browser!

  • Dawn

    yes def need flash player for ps4..cant do alot of stuff on the web without it..if i would of known this I prob would of never bought it…i got it cause their was supposed to be alot of diff things but without flash what good is it

  • veroneca

    We need flash playeeeeeeeer

  • Give us flash

    We need flash!! Please!!!

  • KillaKurt556

    My freeeking phone supports flash wy the hell doesnt the ps4 browser seriously needs to be fixed in an update

  • Kyle

    Please add flash player

  • Kris Hamer

    I need flash, it’s essential for internet viewing, why make a browser without fuckin flash!!!!!!!

  • gslimjim98

    Not only does PS4 need Flash support but alsops vita. Make it happen or i’ll cry

  • scarecrow_me

    give us flash already!!!

  • Tee

    Motherfucking sony.._Give me my Gotdam flash

  • I want flash for my UFC Fight Pass account!

  • deveros

    we need flash the ps3 internet capabilities were annoying

    but this is worse we cant even access youtube.

  • Kris

    Back step we need flash player now!!!!! Just payed out £400 + £40 to play online and now can’t watch u tube or porn I will be selling the ps4 and going back to PC me thinks! Ooow does xbox1 run flash?

  • Allan

    Please add flash player in the ps4

  • sour

    Please add a flash player

  • Rick

    Why is there no flash this displeases me greatly

  • Paul

    Please bring flash player to PS4. I know its meant to be more gaming focused but I want to view Twitch pre-recorded videos, which revolves around gaming!!! Currently Sony don’t have a proper Twitch app and apparently Microsoft do. I don’t want to have to boot up a PC when I already have my PS4 on.

  • Guffler

    Why would you even make a browser without flash and call it better than your older browser, wich supported it. Sony, don’t try to be hipster just because Apple did there is no sense what so ever in making a browser for TV usage without the support of flash.
    Even on a Mac laptop you can view flash content. That flash doesn’t work on a mobile device, Ok. Bug not on a device that displays to at least laptop sized displays. The idea of having an at least equal powered browser as in the ps3 was one of the major reasons for buying a ps4 if you don’t update the support of the flash player I’ll buy an xbox

  • Raaka_arska

    We want flash on ps4!!!

  • Antominus2

    I am more upset that the hdd compatiblity has been whiped they are using a inux unix os wich has all the things we want but streaming videos music and even saving pictures and videos have been droped unlike ps3 i could change theme xmu picture and aven watch and listen to music off my hdd please do something that microsoft and illuminati gates cant and wont do please

  • Dylan

    flash on ps4 now!!!

  • Falconer2006

    Im returing my ps4 for a ps3 if flash is not added asap!! That is the top feature i enjoyed and used the most on ps3.

  • Tjamonahh

    Sony.. Dont Be foolish just add flash player.. Makes the Sony PlayStation much better..


    All the technology in the world bu no flash player…wow!

  • kondziuing

    Please add flash to ps4 we need it.

  • Lou

    No flash player….. what’s the point….incomplete ps4!

  • jim bob

    Please we need the flash player

  • Joseph Snodgrass

    Give me flash please

  • jay

    no flash ? what a piece of sh*t then. xbox1 hello !

  • Jag

    People can’t really do much without the flash plug in. WE NEED IT

  • Kul B

    having flash is a must, internet explorer on xbox one so far is a much more complete and enjoyable experience, common sony step up to the plate

  • Sob

    I’m sell my ps4 for Xbox one and keep my ps3 because of no flash aleast you don’t have to pay for online play for the ps3 like the pa4

  • tyshawn mayi

    Don’t evn touch my ps4 cuz it doesnt have a flash player I’m ready to sell my ps4 keep my ps3 and buy a xbox one

    • mike_smith

      to be fair, if you bought a ps4 just for the browser then you should have bought a pc

      • tyshawn mayi

        I bought it for da whole experience..gaming, tv, stream movies, (not netflix or another streaming app)etc but it lacks in everything good graphics is all it has.Ps4 didn’t even have an exclusive game release only for da system. The Xbox one has ryse killer instinct can watch ur cable etc

  • shane

    It might be well needed but flash is well outdated now, even adobe have jumped on board the newer HTML5, which I am also guessing so will sony

  • Dawgadawg

    how is there internet and no flash player???? makes no sense cant even watch youtube smh

  • seanmwwww

    cant wait to play battlefield 4 on ps4 though

  • seanmwwww

    sad, they need to stop being cheap

  • Ryan


  • aisling

    Ps4 b v disappointing

  • Julius Foronda

    please add flash player

  • Shane

    i live in a rural area with my ps3 and ps4 as my main media devices for my 55 iinch 1080p TV LED flat screen. Without flash support it renders the cosole useless to me as my PC has the same games with a better graphics card. Please just get flash player support on the ps4 so i can love it the way idid my ps3 !

  • jay

    we need flash player

  • Mike White

    Don’t give up on PS 4, just because the browser does not support flash. Everything will come in time. At least you don’t have 40 % of the PS 4 users having disk read error out of the box. Or any for that matter. And if you want standard 720 graphics then be an idiot. I have a PS 4 and an XBOX 360. But no way in hell will i get an XBOX 1. You have to be patient guys hell the PS 4 is not even 2 months old yet. Stop bitching about it !

  • SleazyC69

    I’m very bothered by this, it negates being able to snap between game and browser without using another device. Also can’t listen to podcasts. Please sort it sony

  • Grim

    I seriously couldn’t care less about flash support on PS4. I’d rather have them concentrating their energy on fixing connectivity and servers, or making parties or sharing more seamless. I have got a browser on everything in my home from my phone to my friggin microwave…

  • Kevin

    Ps4 for sale!! It’s still wank… Forgive me Microsoft.

  • box