Procreate iPad app with Morgan Freeman will stun you

By Alan Ng - Dec 5, 2013

Prepare to be amazed now, as iPad painting apps have just been taken to another level. The Procreate app is a popular tool among iPad users, but that popularity has now been increased instantly thanks to one artist’s example of how the app can be used to amazing effect – in this case a painting of Morgan Freeman that looks exactly like a photograph of the actor.

That artist is Kyle Lambert who promises that he used no other techniques other than the Procreate app to reproduce a photo-realistic painting of Mr Freeman. The image you see above is taken during the middle of the process, but the image you see below is the finished product.

How amazing does that look? Kyle Lambert states that the finger painting on iPad took over 200 hours to complete, with a combination of around 285,000 brush strokes. Obviously it goes without saying that not every Procreate user will be able to produce the same results, but it looks like great fun for those willing to make the effort.

Absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning.

Procreate is available to download for iPad now, priced at £3.99 on the app store. Take a look at the amazing video below to see how the full process was created for the Morgan Freeman painting. Let us know what you think about it and if you will download the app to try yourself.

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