Nexus 5 Android 4.4.1 camera review after update

By Alan Ng - Dec 5, 2013

We have some good news for those of you with a Nexus 5 phone. By keeping with their high standards of updating Nexus devices first with latest software updates, we can confirm that the Nexus 5 Android 4.4.1 update has now gone live, available to download OTA at any moment.

It also looks like the main area of focus from Google, is improving the Nexus 5 camera. The official Android 4.4.1 update notes confirm that several key areas of the camera have been enhanced, such as allowing faster focusing, faster white balancing and a reduced shutter lag.

The update also now allows you to pinch to zoom when in HDR+ mode, a change that should make a lot of Nexus 5 owners happy. Google has said that this update to Android 4.4.1 on the Nexus 5 will specifically improve pictures that are taken in low light mode, so it’s great for those that enjoy picture taking on the device and have been looking for an update.

To give you an idea of how the changes look on a Nexus 5 already running Android 4.4.1, we have included an early Android 4.4.1 review for you to watch below. It compares two Nexus 5 devices, one running with the latest update and the other on Android 4.4.

You can instantly see the speed improvements between Android 4.4.1 and Android 4.4, so Google were not kidding when they mentioned a reduced shutter lag and faster focusing. This is a great update we think and hopefully Google will address other areas of the Nexus 5 with multiple fixing in the next update.

Are you still waiting to update to Android 4.4.1 on the Nexus 5? If you have it, let us know your thoughts on the camera improvements.

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