Just Cause 3 signaled by environment research

By Matt Tran - Dec 5, 2013

Developers from Avalanche Studios have been taking time out in the the jungle of Costa Rica to conduct environmental research for future games. This could signal Avalanche’s intentions to develop Just Cause 3, which by no coincidence would be set in a tropical paradise environment.

The team members from the games studio have posted a YouTube video of their adventures which you can watch below; documenting their expedition on the island. Whilst Avalanche do not specifically confirm they are researching for Just Cause 3, they do refer to its predecessor which was also inspired by the features of the environment in Costa Rica.

The studio did however confirm that effects from the skies had been taken from the island to be used in their upcoming Mad Max game. Associate art director Andreas Oberg highlighted that the most important components of a tropical paradise are the beach and water. As a result the team focused on recording the waves from the sea in detailed slow motion to help capture the effects for future games.

For now we will have to wait and see what Avalanche has planned in regard to future releases, we believe that this research is a strong indicator of a Just Cause 2 sequel. Is this something that you would like to see and should we expect a next generation announcement of the game soon?

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