Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 favored over Nexus 10 2013

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2014

Earlier on this week we asked you for your thoughts on the painful delay for the Nexus 10 2013 release date, after Google no-showed yet again when rumors were suggesting a release during the busy shopping period. It turns out that most of you have taken matters into your own hands, deciding to skip Google’s tablet altogether and pick up the promising Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition instead.

With the specs that the newest 10.1 Note contains – we don’t blame you either. While Google’s Nexus 10 2013 is going to be first to any future software updates undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t going to be too far behind and can also boast some hardware advantages over Google’s missing tablet.

3GB of RAM inside the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition is a big deal for consumers compared to the rumored 2GB on the Nexus 10 2013. The new Note 10.1 also comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which offers a quad-core 2.3 GHz clock speed, complimented by an Adreno 330 graphics unit.

The Galaxy Nexus 10 specs may well include a Tegra 4 setup if rumors are correct, but we think the specs on the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 are more than good enough and certainly won’t make those who have bought one due to the Nexus 10 delay, regret their decision.

Has Google messed up in a big way?

Has Google messed up in a big way?

We had vast feedback from you saying that Google has now missed out on your money and that most have opted for the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition instead. There’s still no word on whether Google will release their tablet in 2013, with the lack of communication the most frustrating aspect of all for consumers.

Are you one of these consumers who grew tired with Google’s silence and picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition during the sales? During Cyber Monday, we told you that Best Buy were offering the Note 10.1 2014 with a $50 discount, bringing the overall price to $500.

Did you take advantage of this particular offer? If you are now a new Note 10.1 user, let us know how your tablet is handling so far. Are you happy with the device, or wish you had waited for the Nexus 10 2013 despite Google’s silence?

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  • ste

    I lost patience with google and all the fake reviews. I am currently waiting on the 32gb version to become availible in the UK at a realistic price. currently the cheapest I can find is nearly £200 more than the 16gb model. A complete rip off.

  • Spitting Wand

    Yes I did lose patience with Google and am typing this comment from my lovely new Note 10.1 2014 which I’m very happy with. Your loss Google, I was desperate for the new Nexus 10 but my patience ran out. Thank goodness for Samsung excellent alternative. In fact I think it’s better – I like the stylus additions – so Google has done me a favour delaying the nexus 10.

  • deppman

    I got the Asus tf701t. Saved $180 over the note, comparable to better performance (see laptop mag review), no touchwiz bloat, SD, HDMI, beautiful screen, and an excellent optional dock. With dock, can have 192GB storage (64gb + 2 SD cards). I love it.

    With dock it costs less than the note!

  • Matthew

    Count me in. No nexus on cyber Monday so next day got the LTE version Note 10.1 for the snapdragon 800. No problems yet and having fun figuring out my first tablet. Glad I got it. Google lost my money.

    • Tushar Patil

      Where you got LTE version & what cost?

  • DK

    As previous nex 7 owner, I also waited for nex 10 for comparison before getting a new tablet but got sick of waiting and picked up the note 2014. Now I wish I’ve made the decision quicker as I absolutely love my note 2014. Matter of fact, I think samsung is pretty bad on promoting it’s features as I found quite a few features that was really useful that was never advertised or found on any YouTube review etc..
    Also I don’t like touch wiz on my gs 4 as its features r mostly gimmicks, but note touch wiz has features that r really useful n without carrier bloatwares, I might even prefer it over pure android, at least on the tablet.
    After owning the note for a while I think only reason you would pick up nex 10 would b the price point.

  • Avai

    I really wanted a 2013 N10 but maybe we’ll see a new N10 in 2014. The specs of the 2014 Note are amazing, but the price is out of my budget. I tested it extensively and the buttons on the bezel were very frustrating. When holding the tablet vertically, which is more comfortable for reading because your eyes don’t have to scan as widely, I always accidentally bumped the bezel’s buttons. I still don’t own a new 10″ tablet but I hope a new one comes out soon.

    • Tushar Patil

      Ya, me too…After lot of research I have made Note 10.1 2014 final, but waiting for LTE version to launch in India. Agree physical buttons do pose irritating in portrait mode…Price does matter lot,so hoping to clime down rate in month or so.

      • dk

        Just hold it so u r thumb so it covers samsung logo not the home button. That being said I never use my note 2014 on portrait mode even when I read. 2 pages r much better than 1 page.

        • Tushar Patil

          hindrance won’t prevent from buying this great product…I am left handed person, so its never practical problem to me as my left hand holds stylus & right hand holds tab, easily placing thumb over SAMSUNG logo over elegant bezel…& reading with 2pg format will give more comfort.

  • FoobarStarr

    I have a couple of theories about the release of the Nexus 10 2013. Each of these are ideas as to what Google is doing as well as why they are remaining mum on the subject. NOT BASED ON ANYTHING I HAVE HEARD!

    1) If it is actually being released by Samsung as Sundar Pichai alluded to earlier in the year (because I don’t believe the “rumors” of it being produced by other manufacturers), Samsung and Google came to an agreement that Google would wait to release it so as to not cannibalize the Galaxy Note 10.1 during the peak shopping season. This could be the case as Google doesn’t really produce the Nexus line to be a huge revenue stream. It is more of a vehicle to showcase their untainted OS.

    2) Google is waiting until the kinks with Android 4.4 are worked out and a stable and workable version of KitKat can be put on the Nexus 10. Why release the new hardware if there are known issues with KitKat and the current Nexus 10.

    3) Google pulled back after Sundar Pichai’s statement realizing that they didn’t have a real advantage with the Nexus 10 line when compared to tablets by Samsung and Apple other than the pure Android OS experience (which is always going to be a limited market). They may have made a late game decision to finally take the plunge of melding the ChromeOS environment (which is showing growth) with Android into a single device. This is going to take some time which means we would see the Nexus 10 update closer to the next major update to KitKat.

    Again…just some theories.

  • BoogieNYC

    The Note 10.1 2014 is a solid product and I purchased it. My issue wasn’t with the dollars (which are somewhat high, granted) but with the navigation buttons being hardwired to the center of the device in landscape mode. I use my tablet in portrait mode 95% of the time, so having those buttons stuck (not just the hard home button but the soft back and menu buttons) unchanging meant I would accidentally hit them fairly frequently and the entire process became beyond tedious, so the device went back. Had the device not had these hard buttons (nor the odd portrait upside-down alignment) I would have preferred keeping it. Love the specs — the screen is great, the processor is more than capable, and the microSD slot is crucial. But the cons for me outweighed the pros. Not sure what I’ll do to replace my Asus Infinity. Right now using a Nexus 7. Nice little toy, but little more than that for my needs. Hoping Google or someone comes through soon. Maybe Lenovo, Sony, etc. Done purchasing Asus products — at least when bearing the Asus brand.

    Google should hurry up or stop making hardware altogether.

    • kyle

      I took mine back for the same reason. Kept hitting the darn back and menu buttons on accident! Really frustrating as I love my Galaxy S4 and was digging having a matching tablet and phone! They should rethink the placement or even inclusion of those haptic buttons IMO

      • HappyWithMyS-Pen

        I agree re the hardware button placement. Thought about retuning, but after re a living how powerful this tablet is I absolutely cannot go back to basic android. In the three days I’ve hade this tablet I’ve had this tablet, I’ve found invaluable and practical uses for it that have changed how I use a tablet. The more I use it, the more aware I’ve become of the buttons and I’m hitting them less often. plus I decided to go for a case with a little more grip area and I think that will help. I also use the tablet upside down a lot, which is a huge help. In short, I have the buttons, but not nearly enough to give up the other stuff. I recommend giving yourself time to find a grip that works for you and also stays clear of the buttons. it’s a painful process, lol, but I’m getting into a groove where I barely think about it.

  • HappyWithMyS-Pen

    Google who? I am that patient consumer you described and, yes, I took advantage of theBest Buy deal. Turns out the S-pen, which I had always poo-poo’ed as gimmicky, was made for me. Totally changed the way I use a tablet. The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 is everything and more than what i could have expected from the N10 2013 (’14?, ’15?…). Super fast, beautiful screen, solid build, etc. And while I’ve had some basic multi – tasking features on my N7, you clearly need the larger screen to take advantage of them. Samsung jumped all over that and made the feature incredibly powerful and more fluid than anything else out there. I can now see my tablet as a more viable productivity tool than my laptop in many situations. Even when ordering the Note 10.1 2014, I anticipated that some buyer’s remorse might creep up if/when a new N10 was finally confirmed. Not a chance. Unless, of course Google surprises us with G-Wash, which will do my laundry and fold it. Even then…

  • Hacked-Off

    I am certainly frustrated at the lack of information. I have a Nexus 7 and intended to upgrade to a Nexus 10. If there is to be no 2nd generation Nexus 10, TELL US. If there is but you are having production volume problems, again TELL US. In my opinion with its handling of the Nexus 10 and the Chromecast, Google is either being very naive or is displaying a contempt for its customer base similar to that demonstrated by Apple. I would be willing to wait for a new Nexus 10 but in the absense of information, I will now look at other options and here’s the thing Google, when you lose my business, you lose it for a long time if not forever. As you sow so shall you reap

    • Nicolas Laplante

      They may loose your business for devices, but they still have everything else!