Destiny news blowout for 2014 game

By Matt Tran - Dec 5, 2013

For those of you eagerly awaiting more news on the new Destiny game, we have a real treat for you. Bungie has released a blowout of new details on their upcoming 2014 title which includes the races of enemies, game-play environments and focus information.

The first details to divulge are that players will be able to use the same guns regardless of which faction they play as. Whether you are a hunter, warlock or titan you may wield the same weapon; armor on the other hand varies depending on your class.

Players are able to select a “Focus” which will give them a selection of tiered upgrades to achieve, these differ based on your character and playing style. The Focus gives you the opportunity to customize your load out and choose between a variety of abilities and weapons based on your faction.

We understand that Earth set old Russia is a featured environment for you to wreck havoc in, as are the flooded cities of Venus and the surface of Mars. Enemy races in Destiny include The Hive, The Exo, The Fallen and The Vex. The baddies are generally made up of robots, humanoid creatures, soul exposed space pirates and man-made machines; a varied and potent mix by the sound of things.

You can find out more details on the 2014 Destiny game over on Reddit, we have also included the trailer for you below.

Are you happy with the details Bungie has released or would you like to see other things added to the game?

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