Walmart goes down during cyber sales rush

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 4, 2013

Walmart has been experiencing an intermittent outage today during their Cyber Week of deals and while the Walmart website hasn’t gone down overall, you will find some pages not displaying from time-to-time. This is due to heavy demand for certain products like deals on Walmart’s featured tablets, laptops and televisions.

The screenshot below was taking just moments ago and some of Product Reviews readers might have seen this page below on Walmart, although it’s happening frequently during the Cyber Week sales.


We have had a number of reports from our readers and a couple of emails, although a few shoppers thought Walmart not displaying the dedicated Cyber Week specials page was due to the store being updated with new deals. This wasn’t the case, and evident once the page returned but soon went again for a number of consumers.

In a nutshell, you might see a message explaining “You’ve selected a very popular item”. Walmart then detail that they’re working on getting you to the product page you requested.

Have you seen Walmart down at all during Cyber Monday or the Cyber Week sales? Have you had a to wait a long time for some products to display, and instead get the message shown in the screenshot above?

Leave a comment below with your cyber shopping experience so far, and if you’ve had problems getting on certain pages of Walmart, Best Buy or even sites like Target as well. Retailers might offer some amazing deals, but it is not always that easy to get an order placed or find items in stock at stores.

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