Pokemon X and Y Garchompite location for Mega evolution

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2013

Earlier on we told you about a Pokemon X and Y event at Walmart, allowing gamers to get their hands on a special version of Garchomp. Now, for those that have taken advantage of this or already have a Garchomp at the ready, allow us to help you find the Garchompite stone, which is needed for this Pokemon’s mega evolution into Mega Garchomp.

As we’ve told you before, hunting for Pokemon X and Y mega stones is a very fun task, especially when you have completed the game and think you have nothing left to do. We have told you where to find items such as the Thunder Stone before, but the Garchompite is a bit more trickier to find.

Lucky, we have found an excellent video for you to watch below, showing you the exact location of where the Garchompite is hidden. Once you have it, you’ll be able to mega evolve your Garchomp into Mega Garchomp and in doing this, gain access to the special ability Sand Force as well.

Sand Force is a particularly excellent move, as it raises the power of Rock, Ground, and Steel-type moves by 30% while also putting a Sandstorm in effect, which you won’t take any damage from.

Take a look for yourself below and let us know if you have picked up a Garchomp from Walmart’s Pokemon X offer.

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  • poop

    Yayy! I got it. I’ve be wanting this ever since I got my garchomp