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Nexus 10 2013 release date risk with consumer anger

How long are you prepared to wait for Google’s latest Nexus 10 2013 tablet? After some audacious rumors suggesting that the device may show up last Friday or on Monday just passed, here we are with still no sign of a Nexus 10 2013 release date.

We can see that the wait is starting to get to some consumers, with feedback coming in to us on how Google are playing a very risky game with so many other competing tablets out there. Then again, after seeing the amazing specs that the Nexus 7 2013 offers for a very good price – it’s hard to turn away from what could still be the defining 10-inch tablet of 2013.

At the start of the week we heard rumors that the Nexus 10 2013 model would be released on Cyber Monday. Now that it didn’t happen, consumers are starting to wonder whether the device is still on course for a 2013 release at all. Let’s not forget that this is the same device that initially appeared on the Google Play store prematurely, only for Google to remove their listing swiftly.

A lot of consumers believe that the device is ready to release, but that Google are stalling for some reason. One of these reasons could be the fact that Google are waiting until their first generation Nexus 10 stock sells out, but even then that would be harsh on the consumer if that is the only reason.


There’s also whispers that Google has an 8 or 9-inch tablet in the works, but again these rumors are not concrete and certainly not something that would mean a delay for their new 10.1-inch Nexus 10.

We’ve read a lot of feedback on social media on how some consumers have effectively been ‘forced’ to buy an iPad Air, solely due to Google’s delay on the Nexus 10 2. Are you one of these consumers who has given up with waiting? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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