GTA V Heists locations from fan demand

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2013

With many console owners awaiting the GTA V 1.07 update, Rockstar has shown no signs whatsoever that the next update for the game will include the GTA V Heists release date at the same time – the content that all GTA V players want to see above anything else.

The free Beach Bum pack was nice, but it’s not Heists and judging by fan reaction – wasn’t enough to make those who had left GTA V Online, come back either. With the Spike VGX awards coming up this weekend, we remain optimistic that Rockstar will make a surprise appearance at the event, or at least announce on the same day that Heists has finally been dated.

Then again given Rockstar’s silent tactics as of late, we also wouldn’t be surprised if we are still waiting for Heists well into 2014. When the content finally does arrive though, we hope to see new Heists missions that are playable in multiple environments.

We’ve talked at length about the fact that Heists has taken forever to come out, but what about the types of Heists that will be available once the content does come? It has been rumored recently that Rockstar will soon be opening the doors to the GTA V casino.

The GTA V casino..the perfect location for the ultimate Heist!

The GTA V casino..the perfect location for the ultimate Heist!

How exciting will it be if players will freely be able to earn money by completing GTA V Heists in a casino – finally giving the building a proper purpose since the doors are locked at the moment. There should be no shortage of income from a vibrant casino, so hopefully Rockstar is thinking along the same lines.

Casino Heists seem like a no-brainer, but what other Heists would you like to see in the game? Don’t forget about the Maze Bank Tower skyscraper as well, which has Heists written all over it we feel – with plenty of cash for your starving GTA V online character to get his or her hands on.

Enough about the delay, let’s look forward to what could be coming when Heists arrives. What formula do you want to see Rockstar deploy – do you agree that Casino and the Maze Bank Tower are two very likely locations for Heists to take place?

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  • Ricardo

    @9ab95b3c4e109bc288854b708819480e:disqus The reason why people do the glitch is because getting money is very difficult in obtaining, online. The alternative thing to do is wipe the whole player base so everyone starts from 0. Which makes it so glitches have been covered up (I know it’s a hard job to permanently take out glitches but at least change it to a much more difficult way of doing it) I admit getting to level 50 with your own 10-car garage without cheating is a GREAT feeling, but it just takes the absolute piss to get there.

    • Conor Hansen

      It didn’t always though. I’ve been playing since before they cut the payouts so I have a nice house, 10 car garage, Voltic, Carbonizzare, Super Diamond, and more fully modded cars without glitching. It would suck, for people like me, if the entire player base was reset based on a few glitchers. The easiest way (and it would be very easy) would be to just reset anyone who has over, say, $10 million in car sales

  • Mike

    They need to patch the money glitch. I care about getting far in that game without cheating which ruins the game. I have seen to at least 5 people doing the glitch at a single LSC in only 20 minutes. But the damage is pretty much done and they all have money. I hate seeing a level 10 or so with every sports car in the game. The whole reason they made online like this was to make it as the best without cheating and actually make it a fun storyline. There is almost no point to heists if you already have the money. Im sure there will also be a certain level you have to be to complete a heist and it will piss a lot of people off.

    • gamerwhodoesntcare

      It’s just a game. Let them do what they want to do to have fun. After all, the goal is to have fun. Why does it even bother you in the first place?

  • Wolfboy

    If you robbed Maze Bank, I doubt that you’d be able to store your money there anymore. :/ Also, the Fleeca Banks scattered throughout the map will soon be able to be stolen from just like Grocery Stores according to a R* Member, but will give 5 stars and will have a ‘cooldown’.

    • CarlosBoi

      All of the stores have a “cooldown” when you rob them. It says that they have recently been robbed and will open again soon. Maybe the cooldown will just be longer.

  • Andrew

    Casino might be future DLC where betting occurs, and also a future heist area, but likely not in the next update.

    Everyone seems to forget the Bank near the Pitchers property that’s currently empty, and enterable. That’s probably one of the heist locations, (which isn’t maze bank tower).

    Another article named 4 other possible locations (Zancudo, Penitentiary, and two arenas).