Gran Turismo 6 car price horror with Jaguar XJ13

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2013

We have a word of warning for those gamers that are planning to pick up Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 this week. For those that are not aware, the game will now offer microtransactions, allowing players to unlock the best GT 6 cars quickly if they don’t want to grind through the game.

However, we have now learned that this could prove to be a costly affair. The best car in Gran Turismo 6 is easily going to be the Jaguar XJ13. If you want to buy the car outright though, you’ll have to pay over £100 for the luxury, if you can believe that.

The actual cost comes close to £120, which converts to almost $200. Obviously most Gran Turismo 6 players are not stupid enough pay that amount of money for one car, but it’s still a bit cheeky for Polyphony Digital to leave that option in the game – do you agree?

Watch the video below to see the evidence yourself. It lists all of the new cars in Gran Turismo 6, along with their price in credits if you want to buy it straight away. Buying a pack of 7 million In-Game Credits will cost you £39.99 each time, with the Jaguar XJ13 having a price of 20 million credits.

Are you happy that the developers are putting these kind of tactics in the game or not? Perhaps more importantly, are you willing to save time and buy cars instantly?

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