Final Fantasy 15 Vs 14 expectations on PS4

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2013

With the Spike VGX 2013 awards coming up on December 7, gaming fans are eager to see if Final Fantasy XV will appear at the event with a brand new gameplay trailer after Square Enix’ initial bombshell at E3. In the meantime though, we want to look ahead to a potential Final Fantasy XV PS4 release date in 2015, after it was just confirmed that Final Fantasy 14 will release on PS4 in April next year.

Although Square-Enix has yet to confirm the date for the game that was formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it’s safe to say that the developer will not be launching two major Final Fantasy games in the same year.

We also haven’t seen much of the game since E3, so it also tells us that development could still be at an early stage. Square-Enix won’t want to avoid past mistakes by announcing a release date that they can’t stick to and the worse thing that fans want to see is a delay.

Although it may be disappointing to visualize, Final Fantasy XV releasing in 2015 is a real possibility with Final Fantasy 14 now coming out in April. The good news however, is that Square-Enix appear to be back in the game in a good way, with users giving excellent reviews of the revamped Final Fantasy 14 after the infamous problems that plagued the initial PC release.

If you haven't played Final Fantasy 14 yet, what are you waiting for? It's beautiful..

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy 14 yet, what are you waiting for? It’s beautiful..

Metacritic user reviews for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn suggest that the game is one of the best MMOs to release in years and arguably Square-Enix’s finest work since Final Fantasy X on the PS2. What we have seen from the reimagined Final Fantasy XV has been good too, so it can only mean good things if they are planning to put the same amount of work and effort into the upcoming next-gen game.

Hype for Final Fantasy XV is as high as it has ever been it seems. After playing some of the best games ever with the likes of Final Fantasy VII and VIII, it’s great to see Square-Enix back on form too.

Tell us below, what you think of a possible Final Fantasy 15 release date in 2015. Will you be able to wait that long, or do you honestly think that Square-Enix can squeeze out the game at the end of 2014 instead?

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  • X_XJean,Matt,Lathium,yothman

    If FF 15 does not come out in 2014 i will murder everyone that post in this thread!

  • February 2016

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    I wish it would come out in 2014 but if it does I want it to be good but. I feel like it will be ready in 2014 though since they announced it so long ago.

  • Lathium

    Early 2015. Hopefully we get a demo we can play before then? Or just a shitload of media for the game gets released in Q3&4 of 2014. Been looking forward to this game for so long.

  • yothman

    do the game right, don’t rush. PS4 has to fix all of there gliches and stuff. so take your time, hopefully by 2015 the ps4 will be ready for this amazing game. this could bring final fantasy back to life as we once knew it!!