Battlefield 4 PS4, Xbox One 1080p wasn’t a priority

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2013

If you have been wondering why Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox One is limited to 900p and 720p respectively rather than 1080p like other launch games on both systems, DICE has finally revealed some home truths on the subject. It turns out that it simply wasn’t a priority for the developer, regardless of how you may react to this.

Call of Duty Ghosts is able to run at 1080p native on the PS4, but unfortunately gamers were left disappointed when it was revealed through graphics analysis prior to launch that Battlefield 4 on PS4 would only be 900p.

It was an even worse situation for those on buying on Xbox One, once it was revealed that the final resolution would be 720p only – the same resolution as some Xbox 360 games.

This doesn’t matter to DICE though, regardless of the intense forum debate going on behind the scenes. The developer has revealed that their priority was actually getting the 64 player limit on next-gen consoles and that this took preference for them overall.

When speaking to Tom’s Hardware, DICE’s Johan Andersson had this to say:

“We’re not running at the full native 1080p; we’re running a little bit lower resolution than that. But I think it was well worth those trade-offs in order to make sure that we can actually have the full sort of PC game experience overall being on there.”

We can find some truth to that to be honest. Having 64 players on next-gen systems is a massive deal and finally gives console owners a taste of what it is like on PC. It just wasn’t the same with the content cut on console Battlefield 3, so we can definitely understand the trade-off now.

It’s not like Battlefield 4 looks awful on Xbox One and PS4 with 720p, 1080p right? Give us your reaction to DICE finally speaking on this matter. Can you accept their excuse or not?

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  • Marlon

    Here’s my belief; NEVER trade off for picture quality. Picture quality should be a standard. Every system should be putting out last generation AA 4x (minimum), AF 16x (minimum), and build the graphics system around that. You need to satisfy HD experiences first. Consoles will never have PC gaming experience. Go for 40-50 players. For heaven’s sake, 1080p is low resolution, by today’s standards. It’s almost been around for 10 years now. PC’s have enjoyed the benefit of gaming at near 1080p, since 4:3 PC monitors. I gamed at 1600x1200p back in 2002, on way inferior hardware. 60+ people are great, but I’d never trade off perfect HD clarity over having higher resolution shadow maps or extra particles etc. It’s just straight up offensive that they are basically saying these NEXT GEN consoles, can’t run beyond Last Gen standards/ resolution. Why own an Xbox One? Battlefield 3 on 360 looked more crisp than Battlfield 4 Xbox One. It’s like Anti Aliasing is completely missing this generation. When my wife marvels at the graphics of any of my games, or any of our Blu-Rays, it is almost solely based on how sharp, clear and vibrant the colors are and how they pop…when she looks at BF4 and I’m like “hey, look at the lighting in these…” she looks over and say, “looks blurry” referring to the watery look in the aliasing.

  • SkipDICEGames

    Um, why would the DICE guys be trying to create a PC game experience on next-gen consoles? Couldn’t I just sit at my PC if that’s what I wanted. Sounds like the next gen consoles were just an afterthought at DICE. Or, more likely, that as EA are in bed with MS, they held back the PS4 a little so as to not embarrass MS too much as the Xbone could only achieve 720p. Was going to get this today too, as I have finished Killzone 🙁 Oh well, will just have to wait for more games made for the PS4 (not necessarily exclusives, just not games that are made for the lowest common denominator).Sounds like what they have done with Watch Dogs – Ubisoft are on the record as saying it is primarily a PC game. When developing for the PC market, they cannot push the game too high as not everyone has the same powerful PC. So I will expect a gimped version for the PS4 and therefore will have to skip that, too 🙁 🙁 It puzzles me as to why they focus on PC when PC Sales of most multiplatform games are far lower than console sales. They must get “compensated” by Windows. It is the only reason I can think of.

  • Danny Dodge

    I’d rather have mind blowing 720p games than chappy 1080