Amazon’s take on iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire HDX

By Matt Tran - Dec 4, 2013

Amazon recently made the most of Black Friday by using the event to promote their Kindle Fire HDX and mock Apple’s iPad Air at the same time. Using a cleverly crafted advert Amazon gave their take on Apple’s tablet and also championed their own product, highlighting exactly why they believe you should be buying from them this holiday season.

The features and price of both the Kindle Fire HDX and the iPad Air are compared in a somewhat sarcastic manner; as you can imagine the Fire comes out on top every time. Amazon actually start the ad by first introducing the iPad Air, with the Apple narrator praising the retina display. The Amazon narrator then points out that the Kindle Fire HDX actually has 1 million more pixels than the retina display, undermining one of the iPad’s best features.


Amazon deal the next blow to Apple by pointing out that the Kindle is also 20% lighter than the iPad Air, another big selling point. Apple try and recover the situation by claiming their device “ONLY” costs $499; Amazon reveal their price of $379 and the iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire HDX battle is complete. The advert from Amazon is quite ruthless as it is one of the busiest times of year for sales, the personal attack on Apple even extends to their lead designer Jony Ive.


Whilst it is likely that both companies will sell many units in the next few weeks the timing of this advert could prove key as it may turn potential consumers off the idea of the iPad Air. Amazon claim that the Kindle Fire HDX is “sharper, lighter and for less”. We are inclined to agree based on the short advert but it would be unfair to make a choice without a full comparison of both device’s features. You can watch Amazon’s advert below via the YouTube video we have included for you.

Do you agree with the points Amazon has raised and will it influence which tablet you buy?

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  • secs

    Like everything else amazon does, their ad is deceptive, misleading and engages in false advertising. Amazon says they have more pixels. What they don’t tell you is that the kindle is a SMALLER tablet than the iPad. If you shrunk the iPad air down to the size if the kindle, the iPad would have 3 million pixels more. Amazn says their tablet is lighter. It’s 1/10 of an ounce lighter again because the kindle us a smaller tablet. You’ll see that amazon never shows the kindle and the iPad air side by side. Amazon is extremely deceptive and apple should sue for false advertising. The iPad air is an extraordinary full size tablet. It’s a7 architecture is the same as app,e’s iMac desktop. The air is very powerful, smooth and can run intense graphics. The kindle is designed to get people to buy more overpriced stuff on amazon. Try the kindle then try the iPad air. No rational person would pick a kindle. The iPad air is quire extraordinary and built like a bank vault. The kindle feels very cheap and its android is constantly crashes and freezes. You can’t even access the ggogle play store on the kindle as it’s tied strictly to buying from amazon. No thanks.