PS4 UK stock contingency plan for broken consoles

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2013

Over the weekend we told you about Sony’s plans to introduce a stock checker website, so that those who are looking to buy a PS4 over Christmas in the UK and US can do so with less hassle. Now though, we have some good news for those of you who bought a PS4 Launch Edition, only to find that it didn’t work due to various reasons.

Some of these reasons involve the now infamous flashing blue or solid red light problems on the PS4. Initially many consumers thought that their PS4 was overheating when the different colored lights appeared on their system, but now it has been put down to a hardware issue after lights appeared just moments after switching on.

Fortunately, Sony feels your pain and are trying to rectify the situation as soon as possible. While general PS4 stock in UK is low at the moment, Sony has sent out word this week confirming that they have a contingency batch of PS4 stock specifically reserved as replacement consoles – for those that have had issues at launch.

It means that those ringing into Sony’s customer service to arrange a replacement, should not have to wait longer than usual and certainly not as long as those who are waiting to buy a PS4 for the first time.

Great to see that Sony are dealing with the stock situation accordingly. Do you still have a broken PS4 Launch Edition? If so, get in touch with us below.

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  • mart81

    I have flashing blue light, can’t put into safe mode or anything, called Sony New 1 available Friday straight swap at door with dpd, console only

    • jedi woman

      Sorry! That really stinks!

  • pete blackpool

    mine would not boot up via controler ps button phoned sony was told to send back sent via parcelforce £13 not a good start for me out of pocket

    • NgTurbo

      When will they send you a new one Pete?

    • jedi woman

      Hope it works out for you. Sorry for your troubles.

  • Rob_London

    My one was DOA.quick call to Sony and Im getting replacement today.confirmed by DPD.Great job.