PS4 1.52 update features needed from Sony

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2013

With PS4 users now getting used to the system and the features that Sony brought to the tablet at launch, it’s clear that a lot of functionality is missing that we didn’t see in PS4 update 1.51. The good news is that Sony are inevitably hard at work on improving the the PS4 interface and we’re excited about what will be coming in the PS4 1.52 update that is bound to land soon.

One of the biggest features missing from launch that definitely should have been there is a YouTube app. It’s rather inexplicable of Sony to have missed this out, so hopefully it will be ready by the time 1.52 is ready to download – after all, the Xbox One has a great YouTube app available to all users at launch.

Another big missing feature that we didn’t see is DLNA server support. Connecting your PS3 to your PC was a great feature that almost became second nature to PS3 users as they enjoyed viewing their PC content straight on the PS3.

Unfortunately though, it was missing from the PS4 at launch, but will make it onto the system at some stage during a future update as promised by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. Other notable mentions have to be MP3 and Audio CD support, but again Sony has promised these to come in a future update too.


Will the missing features above all be ready for 1.52? We doubt it, but it would be nice if Sony at least offers some of these. Apps is definitely one area that needs improvement, as it would be fantastic if Sony could offer pages and pages of apps for users to download – we just hope it doesn’t end up like the Vita, ie no new apps seen for months, which is shocking.

The interface is fine itself we feel, but perhaps could do with a little touching up ready for the new year. After most of you have become comfortable with browsing through the PS4 features since launch, tell us what new features you would like to see in the forthcoming 1.52 update.

Did Sony mess up in your eyes by not including features such as HDMI capture out of the box?

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  • mike

    I can’t believe there are people here defending Sony.

  • Patrick Dupuis

    I just want to use my Wireless Official Playstation Headset… Funny how something “Official” is supported…..

  • jt33fgk

    i hope pshome coming to ps4 pic of pshome will be clear and crisp on ps4 wen it dose evengely

    • Surging

      pshome on ps4 would look amazing, but i suspect it would come at a cost of HDD space.

  • Frankfurter


    • CKGorham

      ? mine hasnt had any issues. what country are you in? and are you updated to 1.51?

  • newjack

    I dont understand why sony would take out saving your own pictures and videos on the ps4 I have a 9 month old daughter and I would of loved to put all of my photos and videos of her on my ps4 And play it on my tv I mean damn sony I have a 500gb harddrive for a reason right? Lol I hope they update that asap I mean I respect what there trying to do with jus focusing on gaming but it shouldnt b just a gaming system.

  • Unholy_Beauty

    “We need this, we need that”. NO. What we need is some damn patience. Geezus….it hasn’t even been a month yet. -_-

    • NgTurbo

      Patience for basic features ?

      • CKGorham

        Basic features for a GAME console? Before the PS3 and Xbox 360 we didnt expect it. stop crying like a spoiled brat. Shuhei Yoshida said its not that they didnt plan on putting any on those features in, they just focused on the gaming side first for launch. Which they executed well. Yes i think she means what she means, PATIENCE. Are you a stock share holder of Sony playstation division? does this effect you SO much to make it such a big deal over?

        • Unholy_Beauty

          Well put CKGorham. I agree. 🙂

        • mike

          I paid a lot of money because I expect that the system I am buying is up to date with modern day technology, not having these basic functions is a step backwards, not announcing that they wouldn’t be on the system is dishonest of Sony because they knew they’d lose most their custom to xbox

          These basic functions were on present on the last generation if consoles, because the consoles before didn’t have the technology to do it. Streaming YouTube on ps1? As if!

          Sorry mate but thousands of people spent a load if money not knowing that these basic features wouldn’t be there, they have a right to be impatient

        • CKGorham

          They said those, and other features wouldnt be available at launch but would be in future updates, so what youre saying is because they focused on being a GAME console at lauch first for the gamers who actually want the system for games. I bought a $35 Chromecast from google for all my media streaming, thats all online service streaming Netflix, hulu ect.., AND all my videos on my home media server. I PAID a lot of money too, it seems people like you are the minority though. They only started manufacturing the console a month before launching it. And they hit it dead on in the gaming side “which” i bought it for. Your argument is based on not having the media features right out of the box. Which they announced media features such as DLNA, CD, and External storage wouldnt be available til a later update long before release. Your problem is patience.

        • mike

          The ps1 could play music 3ds, the ps4 can’t… Says it all really

        • CKGorham

          youre right because mp3’s and ipods, and streaming music wasnt a standard

        • mike

          That’s music “cd’s” lol

    • mike

      Patience? Sony should have put all these features on the system before they released it, it’s disgusting that we’ve paid all that money and all the features that you expect to see (because they are practically bog standard on pretty much any device you can think of) aren’t there

  • angry mat

    i need mp3 …. for customizing my sports game…. GRRRRRRR

    • CKGorham

      They gave everyone a 30 day free trial of music unlimited. i stream music while i play. that should help you out until they add it in yes?

  • Cassibwolf Wolff

    They should have had all of this stuff ready at lanch, instead of rushing the thing out the door. I love my PS3, but it has more options than the PS4, WTF SONY!!

    • Surging

      Cassi, PS4 OS was built from ground up and the creation of a OS is not easy especially the Graphics drivers and Dev tools they have to program on top of the newly designed PSN, Sony did the right move focused on gaming first and removed 99% of the bugs from there OS, which is more than what i can say for Xbone LOL.they were to busy making apps that they did not debug the OS and now look at them …

      • Cassibwolf Wolff

        Good point.

  • Zero

    Maybe they should add support for their own USB headsets first…. I think that should be priority number 1.

    • CKGorham

      January they said.

      • Surging

        Yep in Jan

        • CKGorham

          lol i know.

  • Robert Jason Hillman

    I like to see 3d Blu-ray

    • Josh

      For real!

  • Richie

    i need my sony souround sound please fix it

  • Steven Couthen

    To the guy with the controller when watching Netflix. Just set you controller to turn off after a certain amount of time.

  • Steven Couthen

    I wish they would update us on the sony headsets and the remote play with my vita when I’m out of town.

    • CKGorham

      They did, sony headsets will be supported Jan.

  • William Baker

    I really wish they would bring back the 3d with the PS4. I love it with the PS3 but that’s the feature im seeing the most. Also they need to let you manage your software on say a flash drive locally instead of having to log into the PSN to get it.

  • Abhishek Sharma

    I wish that they would allow us to turn off our controllers while watching Netflix. Without Netflix pausing when you do turn it off.

  • alabama

    More avatars would be nice, ps4 has the same ones ps3 has had for years

    • CKGorham

      Use your own photo

  • alabama

    Fish the games crashing error

    • alabama


    • Keith McDonnell

      Ive never had a game crash yet

      • RichardBiggieSmallzBell

        Ive had NBA 2k14 and Battlefield 4 crash.

        • Keith McDonnell

          Battlefield crashed on every thing pc and xbone and ps4

  • Will Clark

    i want the update to make my pulse headphones work on my ps4.

    • CKGorham


  • H Karlsson

    We need Google+ support so we could share screenshots/gameplay videos.
    Youtube app is essential.
    the “What´s New” page has to get some attention (we need to be able to organize it)
    The ability to categorize games. When you, later on, own 30 games the UI will be cluttered.

  • Kevin

    We need to change themes also we need the downloaded stuff in my library to stay there and not clog up the interface. Also the use of attaching a portable hdd to be able to play movies from would be nice.
    Coming from 360 to this I thought it would have been much better, wish I’d stuck with Microsoft cos ps is still wank imho

  • Jake

    I would expect sony to update these features asap. along with headset support among other things. with the ps4, it seems very easy for the to update with great features. if they learned anything from last launch they better do it quickly.