PS3 GTA V bundle for non next-gen gamers

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2013

If you are uninterested in what next-gen consoles have to offer at the moment and are still perfectly happy with current-gen gaming, we may have something to interest you. The PS3 500GB Grand Theft Auto V console bundle that released a short while ago is now back in the limelight thanks to the ever-pleasing Cyber Monday sales.

We have spotted that two retailers have now decided to offer the PS3 GTA V bundle with a very reasonable discount compared to a few weeks ago when it had just hit the shelves. After appearing with an original price of $270, you’ll be pleased to hear that the GTA V PS3 bundle is now selling for just $230.

Both Walmart and Amazon have priced matched each other to offer gamers the chance to pick this up on the cheap, so it could be the perfect time to buy the game that is just about to be crowned the 2013 best game of the year at the Spike VGX awards – we can’t see any other game beating GTA V, can you?

Just to remind you, you’ll get a 500GB PS3 slim as well as a free PS Plus trial for one-month. Head to the relevant links above and let us know if you are tempted to buy one for Christmas with the reduced price.

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