DOTA 2 6.80 patch notes written by users

By Peter Chubb - Dec 3, 2013

Users have really got stuck in to writing their own DOTA 2 6.80 patch notes, before the next update has seen a release date. We still don’t have a specific date for its release, but we do know fans have been very vocal about what they would like to see included in the patch notes once they are revealed.

It comes as no surprise that fans have done this because they are always looking for more, and they need to do something while they wait for the official DOTA 2 6.80 patch to be released, which we suspect will be around February 2014 going on the gap of the previous two patches.

We’ve touched on some of these great patch note ideas before but a lot more changes have been added in this forum.

Some of the changes include improvements to several characters, such as Crystal Maiden Shadow Shaman, Lina and more who see their movement speed increased.

Some of the ideas would add more to the game, but some DOTA 2 fans have said that they think a lot of these are bad ideas and are never likely to be included in the 6.80 update.

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