Wii U vs. Xbox One, PS4: Review by specs and opinion

By Peter Chubb - Dec 2, 2013

The time is finally here, and that is a new generation of games consoles and the jury is till out as to which of the three is the best. We know most gamers have their own opinion on this and rightly so, but for those who were thinking that the Wii U is already out of contention to be a truly great machine because PS4 and Xbox One sales have dwarfed Nintendo’s, then think again.

Wii U vs. Xbox One, PS4 specs – The easiest way to see how these machines compare and what they are capable of is by looking at their specs, although you need to dig a little deeper than that. This informative guide has dissected these three consoles in terms of their hardware, online features, user interface, and even what bundles are available.

By studying this PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One comparison chart will allow you to come to your own conclusion as to which of the three consoles wins out. However, we know that it is far more than these features, as you have to take in so many other factors into consideration, such as choice of games, entertainment features and real-world graphics rather than reading a spec sheet.

CVG agree that the Wii U lags in terms of performance, but the PS4 and Xbox One are still in their infancy and so will take a while to build-up their new ecosystems. Nintendo’s latest console has been around for 12 months now, which means a greater choice of games, and also a lower price.

However, it is only a matter of time before Microsoft and Sony catch up in terms of more choice, but it’s not going to happen over night. There are still some great PS4 and Xbox One titles to come but are they enough to tempt you into buying a next-gen console – can we still call them that now?

Things are not looking too good for Nintendo though because they have already admitted that they have failed us with the Wii U, although some killer titles are planned for 2014 and should help to bolster sales.

Whatever happens, there is still no getting around the fact that Wii U worldwide sales are just 3.91 million, and with the PS4 and Xbox One selling out everywhere, no doubt they have already exceeded this number.

Do you think that 2014 will be a two-way battle between the PS4 and the Xbox One, or should we not count the Wii U out just yet?

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  • angel echevarria

    Nintendo will rebound from this poor slaes year. Its already a bargain price for $299.00 by comparison to other consoles and when you take into consideration the titles that are being developed right now for 2014 release you will see sales start rising and rising quick. Sony and Microsoft dont make great compelling games and never have so i dont think thats its an ignorant thought to assume that nintendo will widen the gap here a bit within the year after the big first party titles hit the shelves. Microsoft and Sony have always focused on what more then a gaming console can this be instead of a great gaming console. No disrepect of course to either company because obviously they have made some great games but im saying in terms of their strong focus points. Nintendo’s biggest hurt in my opinion has been its lack of third party support which all started when the N64 was released due to some developing issues with it being a carthridge intead of a cd like sony.If this new Hyrule Warriors game is a success then Nintendo should think alot more about partnering with companies like square enix and Capcom to create more games for the Wii U, or rather these companies partnering with Nintendo. If Nintendo can recapture some success with third party titles like it had with the SNES then the sky is the limit for the Wii U. I welcome all young Ignorant gamers who dont know what a SNES is to critize me.

  • JoshuaBlackmon

    I think instead of Nintendo crashing they will make a New Wii like Wii x or something lots of people underestimate the companies but there is so much profit and they will do anything to keep it going

  • Relias

    You know the thing that is sad about the Wii U is the simple fact that they have a more powerful system then last gens systems, and companies talk about power and yet are still bringing a lot of hits to the last gen systems next year. It kind of defeats their argument on the power front when they are willing to do that. EA (Who I respect but don’t like most of their games) at least came right out and said what the problem was. The Wii U just does not have the numbers, but as far as next gen systems go that argument gets defeated because the Wii U has the most install base right now. Their other argument is that of low sales I believe. With this low of install base the system is selling mainly to Nintendo fans or people who happen to like Nintendo games. 4.1 Million around the world is not going to move many third party games on a Nintendo System. Once more people get the thing it will move more units. (I would say by the end of next year it should have a base of 10-12 million) and that is when the third parties will do better.

  • The Wii U still has a head start but Nintendo hasn’t made any real improvements like unified accounts, multiple gamepad support and more. They need to before the competition really takes off.

  • GuardiansFan

    neither Microsoft or Sony could have produced 3.91 million consoles already….maybe by year’s end but not by now. If you look at sales figures the PS4 worldwide (which has higher overall sales than the xbox one) you are talking more like 1.3 million or so at the most.

  • Jaimilo

    i think the article should be counted out just abysmal uninformative rubbish

  • Justin Downer

    What a boring lacking article should of included real game images as well as spec’s

  • Cassibwolf Wolff

    Well when you stack the Wii U next to the PS4 or the Xbox One it look like a garden tool. I like Nintendo, but I plan on getting a PS4.

    • GuardiansFan

      its a garden tool but at least it has a lot of games at the moment. Right now the Wii U is the best value out of the 3..not only is it cheaper but you have a lot more choices.

      Both the xbox one and ps4 will be much more attractive once they both get their price cut…by then you should see a much better library from both as well.

      Now i say all that and I have both an xbox one and a wii u…the reason is simple Nintendo puts out a lot of exclusive games that you cant play anywhere else, the multimedia capabilities of the xbox one are important to me, and i do want to play higher resolution games without having to buy a high end PC.

      Don’t kid yourself though Wii U games are high resolution but its obvious with lower specs you are more likely to see better looking games on the Xbone over time…i would however say the differences between the WiiU and the ps4/xbone will not be as dramatic as the differences between the Wii and the ps3/360 though.

      • Cassibwolf Wolff

        for now, the Wii U will have more games than the PS4 or “Xbone”, simply because the year head start, BUT, the fact of the matter is the Wii U HAS been out for about a year and has very little games to show for it, it laggs, and with 2GB of RAM the thing probably wont be ready for the next Gen. of games.
        I will stick with my 3ds for Nintendo brand games. in every way the PS4 and “Xbone” outperform the the Wii U. What I am implying is with the PS4 just $100.00 above the Wii U why bother with low graded tech that Nintendo is putting out their.