Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Vs iPad Air review

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2013

Earlier this week we gave you another look at the lovely new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, which is proving to be a big hit during the busy shopping period. Now, we give you the chance to see how Samsung’s latest device compares against one of the current heavyweights in the tablet game – the Apple iPad Air.

We told you that Best Buy were selling the tablet with a $50 discount as part of their Cyber Monday savings. We’re pleased to say that the deal is still active, so you can pick one up for $500 if you are still interested.

That brings the price down to the iPad Air, but which one is the better on paper? In terms of hardware specs, we would have to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a sheer powerhouse and outperforms the iPad Air in several areas.

One of these is RAM. Where the iPad Air is fitted with 1GB under the hood, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is a beast with 3GB of RAM. The processor is also very powerful on the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, with either an Octa-core 1.9Ghz Exynos chip or 2.3Ghz quad-core chip, compared to Apple’s new A7 processor.


Samsung has also fitted an 8MP rear camera on the back of the Note 10.1 2014 Edition, compared to the iPad Air which still only ships with a 5MP sensor. Users buying the 16GB Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 can also upgrade the storage with MicroSD card, whereas iPad Air 16GB buyers will be stuck with no expandable storage options.

Will software on the iPad Air save the day for you, or is this one battle that Apple can’t win? We’ve included a fantastic video review below, comparing the iPad Air Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition for an even closer look.

Do you agree that Samsung’s tablet is the clear winner here?

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  • Foreverhart

    Is anyone taking into consideration that Apple supplies less ram because their programs and overall hardware profile are made to operate more efficiently with 1gb vs 3gb on the note? Can currently run 5-6 apps simultaneously without hiccups or misfires.

    • N.P

      Fantastic! What do we do with that? Multi-window maybe? Ipad is snappy, fancy, fantastic…it’s just that it doesn’t do enough of anything to be useful. Its ‘nice to have’ kind of device. How do I put in text and drawings in it? Dictate to Siri? Draw with a finger like a kid? Fantastic ecosystem? good for those who never used Chromebook. There are things that are good about iPad tough. It was the first tablet, it created the product category. It doesn’t change so people know what to expect. It has the most quality build and enjoys social acceptance and therefore makes owners proud. It is like a Louis Vuitton bag. It is also most first time bought tablet which means that users haven’t tried some other devices.

  • Canuck

    My primary objective was to get the most compact and lightest because I read a lot of ebooks. However, after trying the lighter Air, I still got the Note. It worked better for my expected use. I tend to have many apps running simultaneously (the 3gb ram enables that). And the removable storage has turned out to be a must have.

  • Greg

    I just sold my ipad with retina display to buy the new Samsung note 2014. The note is hands down much better and more powerful useful tab than the ipad. I found the ipad to be an enlarged iphone.

  • N.P

    I gotta chromebook and so my wife ditched iPad. GN10.1 still goes to work with me everyday. IPad is now tocaboca device for my daughter.

  • Cassibwolf Wolff

    RAM has always been a problem with apple devices. I honestly don’t know what apple is thinking with putting one GB of RAM under the ipadAir. It makes it look cheap and flimsey. No apple, I don’t care how thin or smooth you make the thing, I care about sheer power and specs, not to say that thin isn’t better, but I would be happy for it to be 1/10 of an inch bigger or whatever if it gives me more RAM.

  • Tushar Patil

    Winners is based on user perspective, people biased & pre influence with Apple monopoly will tend to find more positive outlook towards IPadAir, those with liberal & in search of novel gadgets giving user full flexibility & chance to explore more will tend towards Note 10.1 2014. So end user buyer should have hands on experience on both device before coming to conclusion. Here I choose Snapdragon 800 LTE version of Note 10.1 2014 over IPadAir.

  • Danny Dodge

    Of the two I’d go note, hands down!