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Pioneer A3 Wi-Fi speaker for Apple iPad and iPod touch

If you have an Apple iPad, iPod touch pr iPhone we are sure one of the more popular accessories is a Bluetooth speaker, apart from a case that is. Being able to wirelessly connect to a speaker is a far better option than a dock, and the Pioneer A3 XW-SMA3-K Wi-Fi speaker proves just that.

The world is embracing wireless and the choice of wireless speakers is growing at an alarming rate because there are far more smartphones, tablets and other portable devices with built-in Bluetooth.

Bose were once the best speaker option of iOS devices, but since Apple has improved Bluetooth support the likes of Pioneer is getting back to what they once did best, and that is speakers – they used to be my only choice for after market speakers in my old cars.

Pioneer A3 Wi-Fi speaker

What we love so much about the Pioneer A3 Wi-Fi speaker is the ability to take it with you wherever you go, which is thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.

Some of the Pioneer A3 XW-SMA3-K features include two 3-inch midranges and one tweeter for deep immersive sound, BassEnhance Sound technology, customizable audio settings, Apple AirPlay offering support for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and host Android mobile devices and much more.

What impresses us most about the Pioneer A3 XW-SMA3-K Wi-Fi speaker is its price because you can currently pick one up for around $80, far cheaper than any Bose option.



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