Pebble Smart Watch review along with full specs

By Peter Chubb - Dec 2, 2013

The smart watch has already started to make its way into our lives, and it was the Pebble Smart Watch that started it all off. This small, wearable device comes in several colors, with the black and red being the most popular. Model numbers for those color versions are 301BL and 301RD, and if you were thinking of treating yourself or a loved one for Christmas, then we have good news, as they have been reduced in price.

If you were thinking the Pebble Smart Watch has the same sort of features as the Galaxy Gear, then you would be mistaken because this is a smart watch at the bottom end of the scale.

This is better explained in both Pebble Smart Watch review videos below, but we can tell you its full specs are rather average, although this product is in a different league to the Galaxy Gear, although we know that Samsung is already working on the 2nd-gen version because they are not happy, as they felt they rushed its production.

Pebble Smart Watch review

The Pebble 301RD and 301BL smartwatches can control some functions of your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. However, don’t expect a decent display because this uses an e-Paper display, which is perfect when outside because you won’t get any glare.

Product features and specifications include downloadable watch faces and apps, waterproof design, USB charging, and that’s about it really.

In the first video below we get to see an unboxing and review of the Pebble smartwatch, and the second is just a 6-minute review.

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  • brettsmiley

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    T ab l e t Sp r i nt– has stock of the SmartQ Z-Watch – plus includes a premium headset pack that does not normally come with the product —

  • Joe

    Petter chubby u are the worst reviewer I have ever read did u bother to include scratch resistant screen the display is awesome outdoors in doors better than most displays around the notification via bluetooth which is ever expanding and not just watch faces and apps but games to!! retro classic games and with new version 2.0 on the horizon and the sdk out for anyone to have a go the possibilities are huge I cant have my phone on me all the time and I love this neat little package it looked ok on the video but when i received it I never take it off except to charge it after 7!!!! DAYS!!! which other smart watch lasts that long. Seriously I hope they don’t pay you and you are doing these voluntary. Because your review makes me never want to get a smart watch but Im glad I did