New Crytek game coming with Todd Papy’s aid

By Matt Tran - Dec 2, 2013

Fans of God of War: Ascension will be pleased to hear that a new untitled project is in the pipeline from the game’s director. Todd Papy has confirmed on his Twitter account that he is currently directing a new unannounced title for Crytek, leading to talk amongst the gaming community that it could involve a Ryse: Kinghts of England sequel.

Crytek refused to comment on rumors of a sequel in September and we expect that Papy’s announcement will reignite the hopes of those who are wanting and expecting one. Papy recently departed his job at Sony Santa Monica at the beginning of November after successfully directing God of War: Ascension, which was launched in March.

If you would like to keep up with what Todd Papy is doing right now, then one way to do this is to follow his Twitter account in the hope that he reveals more details on his work in the near future.

What game would you like to see as Crytek’s next launch and on what platform? Would the game be given justice by getting a PS4 and Xbox One launch, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • mongoose

    I would like to see a new crysis game or something like it as they are good first was best but others seemed to lack something maybe the fear feeling that when I played the first one I thought it was just killing koreans then suddenly aliens sprang up and I’m fighting a war. Possible game involving original prophet and what happened to him and how he came to be at beginning of crysis 2 game. Or maybe a final fantasy type rpg game something like final fantasy, kingdom hearts, zelda or xenoblade chronicles.