Minecraft Legos 21102 stock sadness for Christmas 2013

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2013

If you are searching for a popular Christmas gift for 2013 and are interested in picking up something for young children, you may have had one eye open on the Minecraft Legos 21102 set that has become a firm favorite among Minecraft and Lego fans.

Unfortunately though, it looks like Lego’s most popular Minecraft item is going to be completely sold out over the Christmas period. Lego has updated their website, with a message that informs all consumers that the Lego Minecraft Micro World 21102 won’t be shipping until December 27 at the earliest.

Lego has said that this is due to ‘overwhelming’ demand, which isn’t surprising considering it is the original Lego Minecraft which fans believe is the best one of the set. It means that with Lego unable to provide you with an official set, you may have to look elsewhere such as Ebay or Amazon user sellers to try and get one instead.

Fortunately, you should be able to pick up other Lego Minecraft sets such as Minecraft The Nether, or Minecraft The Village without any problems. Get in touch with us below though if you are trying to get hold of the original Micro World set – have you had any luck?

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    I picked up two last week from Barnes & Noble for $34.99 each. Glad I did, because now they’re not even listed on their webpage anymore. Good luck in the hunt, everyone!