Fujifilm FinePix S4530 specs worthy of Best Buy’s new price

By Matt Tran - Dec 2, 2013

The Fujifilm FinePix S4530 is a slightly old camera, but thanks to Best Buy pushing this product on Cyber Monday it seems like the new price makes the Fujifilm FinePix S4530 specs and price a perfect balance, or even a deal not to be missed. The reason we say this, is thanks to around two thirds of the price being cut that is a lot of money saved by any means.

When we take a look at the Fujifilm FinePix S4530 features and the full specification list, we can see that there’s a respectable 14.0-megapixel lens along with a 6.7x digital zoom and 30x optical.

You will also find a 3-inch LCD display to make it easy viewing pictures directly on the camera, a HD movie mode, multiple scene modes, a memory card slot, a burst shooting mode that captures at 8fps to deliver good shots of fast moving images.

If you want to see the Fujifilm FinePix S4530 specs in more detail, then take a look at the official product page on Fujifilm’s website. You can see that right here along with a full explanation of each feature.


We are not sure how long the $119.99 price will last on Best Buy, but you can take a look here and see the $210 saving that also features free shipping. This could be a deal that runs out after Cyber Monday, or Cyber Week.

You can see the Fujifilm FinePix S4530 being unboxed in a video below this article, although we need to point out that it’s not the best review we have seen but there’s not many about for this camera. Take a look to see the camera up close.

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  • justmeventing

    My daughter’s friend just got this camera for Xmas and brought it over. I had an older Fuji Finepix S700 which I LOVED but I broke the flash and the zoom on it, and they are temperamental now, so I needed a new camera. I admit, I saw the girls camera but didn’t test it out and got all excited and ordered myself one at the Best Buy deal of $129 with free shipping. Well, just now I actually tried out my daughter’s friend’s camera and I was unexpectedly disappointed. Since many of its features are identical to my S700, I tried all the things with it that I do with my S700 and it’s performance was subpar compared to the S700. In particular, I like to take close up macro shots of faces. I took about 10 shots using the auto feature with and without the flash and none of them gave me the crisp, sharp focus that my S700 does. When I get the S4530 in a few days, I’ll try it out just to confirm the same and then I’ll be returning it. This may be good for super macro and long range zoom shots (I haven’t tried them yet) but for what I do, it’s a disappointment.