Final Fantasy XV release date still a mystery

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2013

Are you patiently waiting for Final Fantasy XV news to drop? Square-Enix are up to their usual tricks again and keeping totally silent on progress for the highly anticipated game so far. Everyone wants to know the Final Fantasy XV release date, but now it has become clear that the game won’t be out until well after March 2014.

This was obviously to be expected anyway though. Given Square-Enix’ infamous development time needs, some fans are even skeptical as to whether the game will see a 2014 release at all. We have heard next to nothing on the game since we found out about the game being transformed from Final Fantasy Versus XIII and also a platform switch from current-gen over to the PS4 and Xbox One systems.

Now, the publisher and developer has revealed some interesting information, in the form of a release chart that details the company’s upcoming releases from now until March 2014. Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy 15 is nowhere to be seen on that list.

What we do see though is games like Final Fantasy X HD, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, COD Ghosts and Diablo 3 – with the latter two games being Square-Enix’ responsibility for the Japanese releases.

Considering we have had no updates on the game since the big change, do you think Square-Enix will struggle to release Final Fantasy XV in 2014? Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Danniboi

    PATIENTLY is freaking understatement. Imagine, waiting for 8 efffing years. It’s like giving birth to 8 y.o boy!

  • bulmasan

    I don’t think “patiently” is the word you’re looking for…

  • Chibi RAWR

    … you guys do know that SE does not put Final Fantasy on a PS system unless the system gets above 4 million units in Japan. PS4 doesnt launch until February in Japan

    • EX+

      Really? That sucks!
      And here I thought SE would have faith in Nomura. This is a guy who’s never directed a game that’s gotten lower than an 8.

      • CEO Ant


      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        It’s also the guy who’s never developed a numbered FF before. I’m pretty sure the 4 million units thing is just coincidence

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    All I want for Christmas is a good new Final Fantasy like the good old days!