Filip Smartwatch for kids with a tailored price

By Matt Tran - Dec 2, 2013

With the Christmas holidays rapidly approaching, it would seem like a great time to start looking for smart, affordable and practical gifts for the kids. Look no further than the Filip Smartwatch designed specifically for kids. The Smartwatch comes with a very modest price of $199.99 and offers your younger ones a range of features such as messaging, calling, location tracking and of course, providing the time and date.

The Filip Smartwatch for kids gives all the benefits of a mobile phone, despite not being one. AT&T are offering a $10 a month payment plan which would provide the mobile services needed to fully operate the device. You can choose between a selection of different colors to suit the child with Blue, Red, Pink and Green on offer.

Not only is the Filip Smartwatch cool it also has a high focus on safety, this being highlighted by the Intelligent Emergency feature. The child can activate this feature by pressing the emergency button which automatically launches the location beacon and sounds an ambient alarm. Five emergency contact numbers are stored inside the watch and called until one of them responds.


The Smartwatch is simple to use with a two button interface and water resistance capabilities, Filip say that their location services use a combination of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi Hotspot triangulation for precise accuracy. This feature combined with the communication capability and fashion appeal make it an interesting gift idea worth considering.

The $199.99 price would be a strong point considering the cost of other popular devices being desired such as the PS4, Xbox One and iPad Mini. The Filip Smartwatch would provide Kids with a cool, useful and safety orientated gift this holiday season.

Do you think that the Smartwatch is good value for money and something you would consider giving your kids as a gift?

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