Apple iPad mini keyboard cases and covers by ZAGG

By Peter Chubb - Dec 2, 2013

If you have purchased a new Apple iPad mini as a gift for someone this Christmas, then you need to get them an accessory to go with it, and a good choice would be ZAGG keyboard covers and cases. This is because you will not only help them protect their new tablet, but also help to improve productivity for them.

However, with more than just one ZaGG keyboard for iPad mini you will need to make certain which one you will choose. Saying that, it’s not a hard decision to make because they do not vary that much, with color being the main difference.

The four models are the ZAGGkeys BZKMHFBKLIT103, BZKMHFWHLIT103, BZKMHCBKLIT103 and BZKMHCWHLIT103 Folio Keyboard Case for Apple iPad mini.

Apple iPad mini keyboard cases by ZAGG

Two of the models are white and two in black, which can be seen on the Best Buy website. The price for each of these is $69.99, a saving of $30 off the recommended retail price.

If you are considering one of these, but are unsure as to its features and how well it works, then we have a ZAGGkeys Cover backlit keyboard for iPad Mini video review for your viewing pleasure below.

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