Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D Google play Android tablet

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2013

At the end of November, we told you about Visual Land’s 9-inch Connect tablet that was selling for a low price during the sales. Now, we point you in the direction of another device from the same company, this one being the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D tablet instead.

Tablets are one of the most popular consumer products to pick up during the sales and retailers have fully accommodated this 2013 trend by slashing the prices of tablets in a big way.

If you were previously uninterested in the 9-inch Visual Land tablet as mentioned above, let’s see if the 7-inch Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D can tempt you instead. Specs include a 1.6GHz Dual Core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage space.

There is room to increase storage with MicroSD support, but there is only a front-facing camera for web chats – no rear camera included on the back. Unlike the 9-inch Connect though as highlighted above, this 7-inch Pro 7D does come with access to the Google Play Store, so there’s no chance of not having enough apps to use.

With this running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it really does look like a decent option which is well under $100 at some retailers online. Whether it matches the RCA 7-inch tablet that we have been featuring over the last week, remains to be seen though.

A question for you: Did you pick up a cheap Android tablet during the sales? If so, tell us which model you bought and whether you are happy with your purchase or not.

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  • Disappointed Pro7D

    Yes, I bought two of the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D’s, a red one for my wife and a blue one for myself. Had to return the blue one right away as it wouldn’t take a charge or even work while plugged in for chraging. They’re great tablets except for the fact that the number of apps that can be installed is VERY limited. Even after transferring EVERYTHING possible to the microD updates to SYSTEM files fail every time. I now wish that I had kept the RCA tablet that I returned and replaced with the Visual Lands