Sony PS4 stock tracker site to ease shortage pain

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 1, 2013

It looks like Sony will be launching an official PS4 stock tracker website to ease the shortage pain following extreme demand for the next-generation games console. This yet to be launched Sony site would allow gamers to find PS4 stock in the UK and USA, or at the very least see how stock is shaping up in their part of the world.

You might have pre-ordered your Sony PS4 back in August but this is also the month a cut-off point took place, so you would not get a machine at the PS4 launch but would be guaranteed a console by Christmas. We phoned one UK GAME retailer and their attitude to phase 3 PS4 pre-orders has changed, so while they were meant to be guaranteed before Christmas it seems some staff are not sure now.

If you just missed the day one PS4 launch and made GAME’s so-called “Phase 2”, then you should get hands-on with your PlayStation 4 up to 2 weeks after the initial UK release date.


Sony spokesman on PS4 stock tracker – shortly after the PS4 launch in the UK, we heard from a Sony spokesman about the console selling out right away and that fans spent the night camping outside retailers in certain locations. Product Reviews also reported about a number of locations, including Tesco, that had around 70 units and were sold out right away even in remote locations.

Those gamers that didn’t pre-order had to rely on one of the PS4 midnight launch events, as the only way they will get a next-gen console before Christmas 2013. It is a well known fact now that if you didn’t order a PS4 yet, then you will not be getting one this year unless you pay a higher price on an auction website like eBay.

One Sony spokesman informed the BBC that not only will they work with suppliers to ramp up console production, but that the company would also launch a PS4 stock-tracker website to help consumers find consoles in their location. At the time of writing, this website has not launched although if you are aware of the URL then please leave a comment below.

What is PS4 stock like in your area of the world? Have you managed to find a console, or did you pay a higher price on an auction website?

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  • Donald Barnett

    I really dont even mind. 2014 is when the good games (the launch games are still good too) will start rolling in. Second son is coming as early as march (21) so thatll be my first step into next gen

  • Cheynne

    PS4 for the gamers…yeh right, why all the stock madness then as WellWisher says wheres all the games then, most aren’t available until 2014 – fair enough they shifted loads of machines but the hype machine has turned this launch into a Sony embarrassment.

    • Jake

      Really? Selling every single machine you’re able to produce is an embarrassment? Fanboys never cease to amaze me.

      • WellWisher

        It’s great for Sony, but an embarrassment for the industry. Great games should sell hardware, not hype. The system with the best games should win, not the company with the biggest promises.

  • WellWisher

    So many beta testers…..Thanks guys! I’ll get one when it has some games!

    • Bra

      Great beta testing a machine that works! Enjoying my PS4, how bout you brah? UMAD?

      • Random_Person

        i will pay u $10 for the ps4

    • dmax

      Hate hate… hatehatehate