Santa Tracker 2013 Christmas countdown live with games

By Peter Chubb - Dec 2, 2013

It’s scary just how fast this last year has gone by because we all remember the time when kids waited for the Norad Santa tracker countdown to go live, and then anxiously wait for the elves to load up the sleigh ready for Father Christmas to make his long journey.

Well, we can tell you that the Santa Tracker 2013 Christmas countdown has now begun and there are changes to the website this year. Before you had a selection of games, although the website used to be pretty basic.

We do love the new makeover the website has received because the moment you land on the page and wait for it to load up you are met with the world staring at you.

On the bottom right you have the countdown to when Santa begins his journey, and to the left you have a selection of links.

Santa Tracker 2013 Christmas countdown

The links are Earth, which is the homepage, North Pole, which takes you to Santa’s village. Games, where you have a selection of free online games to play, with the first one ready and waiting to be played.

Next is movies, which offers a selection of videos, such as Norad Tracks Santa Trailer Video 2013, Command Video 2013, Alaska NORAD Region 2013 and more.

Then there is music, with a choice of fun songs with a little twist. Library where you can learn all about Santa and the holiday season, and finally a link that takes you to a page explaining all about Norad HQ. Visit the Santa Tracker website now and have a look for yourself.

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