PS4 Vs Xbox One raw power highlighted by Sony exec

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2013

With the PS4 and Xbox One now available in both Europe and US, many gamers are loving the introduction into next-gen gaming with their respective consoles. The comparisons on which is better are going to be inevitable though, and now we have some thoughts from Sony on how they think their system is better.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 can play some amazing games. While the hardcore gamer may choose his console over superior hardware, others will just make their decision based on which has the better games and more exclusives.

Focusing on the hardware side for now though, Sony’s CEO of Computer Entertainment Andrew House has been speaking at the EU launch of the event, on just some of the key differences on why he thinks the PS4 has the edge.

According to him, he believes the PS4 has has a raw power advantage over the Xbox One and that unlike the PS3, he claims that developers are now saying to Sony that their PS4 console is more easier to develop for compared to the Xbox One.

This is likely to raise a few eyebrows, but it’s certainly not the first time that we have heard bold words on how the PS4 is the more powerful console over the Xbox One. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft thinks about this.

Watch Andrew House talk about the PS4 in the clip below and let us know what you think about his words.

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  • Johnny

    Ok so not sure why you deleted my comments but whatever. This guy is saying what you would expect him to say but X rays of both show that they are indeed equal in terms of power, they achieved this through different design paths. The Witcher 3 developer in a interview with eurogamer is on record as stating they are equal in terms of raw power as well. He also goes on and says he finds the ps4 as being harder to work with then the xbox one. He also believes the xbox one has more power yet to come and that Microsoft is holding it back at this time. Just stating interesting stuff not trying to flame. Because it all ways comes down to games.

  • Will

    So what happens to raw power statement if both of Xbox one’s panes are made use of in the future? Of course ps4 is gonna sell more it launched in twice as many countries and is cheaper in the bigger territories.

  • Admir Karalic

    I hate Sony’s CEO’s. While Microsoft congratulate them for their UK release, they answer with a Smile and ”Our PS4 has more RAW power” who cares about ”RAW POWER” it’s like those PC Gamers that buy HIGH END computers with 12Cores, 32 GB of RAM and the latest Nvidia x2 Bridged and Cooling systems with Colors. Seriously nobody needs that much power when actually 4 Cores, 8GB ram and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX560 can run practicly any game, I know because that’s what my last computer has and it runned Crysis, SKYRIM and other High demanding games on ULTRA with MODS and shizzle to play with.

    • Tyrhone Tubbs

      I believe you were playing at ultra with those specs, but probably at 10fps. Raw power does matter, if it didnt we would all still be playing 8 bit games. And it will matter more in the immediate future as graphics get better and game scenarios more complicated.

      • Patrick Dempsey

        Skyrim isn’t that intense even with the texture mods, Crysis on the other hand, I do have a hard time believing 1920×1080 and enthusiast settings on a gtx 560 will run well lol.

        I’m confused about the Sony CEO, why even talk about it. We knew about this before the two consoles launched. I’ll have to look at some sale numbers maybe xbox is doing better?

        • Tyrhone Tubbs

          I doubt xbox is doing better, although both are doing great this time around which is an all round win for gamers. I do prefer Sony this time, but only really because of its greater potential through hardware, both have a promising outlook for games and functionality. I would guess they brought it up because you read here and there that xbox one is as or more powerful, which just isn’t the case. At this early stage it won’t make much of a difference but further down the pipeline I think it might.

      • Admir Karalic

        My Last computer was a builtup computer with those specs:

        AMD Phenom II 6×3.4GHz
        8GB of RAM 1600
        EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX560

        Plenty enough to play any games on High to Ultrahigh and yes Crysis 1 and 2 played on Maximum setting without a single Glitch or bug or even LAG.