Need For Speed: Rivals problems mount

By Peter Chubb - Dec 1, 2013

While PS4 gamers await the release of Drive Club some of them thought that it was worth getting Need For Speed: Rivals just so they can have their fix of a racing car sim to past the time away. NFS titles were great a few years ago, but they have become rather boring and repetitive over time, much like Call of Duty in that respect.

Saying that, it is still a beautiful game to help show off the graphical power of the PS4 and the Xbox One, but not all is perfect. We say this because some gamers have been complaining about Need For Speed: Rivals issues for the Xbox One version of the game, with no mention of the PS4, which will not doubt make them feel a little smug.

there are a few issues with the Xbox One version, with the Need For Speed: Rivals camera problem being the most evident. For some gamers they have noticed that the camera would often do a 360-degree rotation when going passed speed traps or a rival racer or cop.

The camera would also switch to the front of the car to show a rear view randomly, and as time goes on the frequency of this happening increases.

Some of you would consider this Need For Speed: Rivals glitch a game breaker, which can be seen on YouTube.

EA has been contacted about this issue, but they have yet to release any kind of response, and so we would like to ask if you have suffered with this issue?

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  • Heather Hakenewerth

    Every time I play.

  • Craig

    Camera problem has cost me 500k+ sp to date, EA don’t seem to care so I’m returning the game to store for a refund. Real shame for a game with such potential!!

  • RatherDisturbed

    I have had this same issue with my xbone version of nfs rivals, it happens every few minutes of gameplay. I have found it will even do it in open road with no speed camera or cop or anything around. I also seem to be having an issue with the menu button pushing itself. The map just pops up randomly and usually results in a crash or bust or loss of SP. Very annoying.

  • Scott

    Same freakin’ issues for me. I have posted a question to the EA boards as it seems others have done. Sadly, it is 12/30 and I see the article was written on 12/1 so it would seem that EA is slow to respond.

  • Adam4America

    I just bought the game this evening, and within the first fifteen minutes of playing it, the game has frozen forcing me to restart the entire xbox. This is about as big a deal breaker as I have ever had for a game before.


    Yes it’s happened to me. Makes me want to throw the controller through my TV when I lose 50,000+ SP due to the stupid camera rotating, it’s not like its easy to stay on the road when all of sudden the camera is spinning around your car at 150+ MPH. Had a few map issues also. Very minor compared to camera issue though.

  • venegas

    how to solve it?

  • Cut

    Yes same problem and also at times the map comes up when your in a chase

  • Jason Zoscsak

    I have also had this issue. Incredibly annoying.

  • AKA Bone

    Yea I’ve had this problem