LG 55LN5200 55-inch LED TV specs deliver movies as intended

By Peter Chubb - Dec 1, 2013

The battle between LG and Samsung is not going to go away anytime soon, and although we know Samsung is winning the battle in the TV market, there is no denying that LG will not willing to give up without a fight.

A few years ago LG TVs were no match for Samsung’s, but in recent years that gap in terms of build quality and visual and sound technology have become much smaller, and the LG 55LN5200 55-inch LED TV is proof of that.

If you visit your local consumer electronics retailer and check out the LG 55LN5200 you will not be able to believe your eyes, because the technology of the LED panel with its brightness, color and overall clarity has to be seen to be believed.

LG 55LN5200 55-inch LED TV specs

We know there is far better out there, but then you will have to pay a premium for the improved technology. If you have a budget of $600 to $800, then you should consider the 55LN5200.

There are many reasons what make this TV such a great buy, and you will be shocked at some of the LG 55LN5200 specs considering its price. For starters you get double the pixel resolution than many other TVs in this price range.

The technical speciation for the LG 55LN5200 55-inch LED TV that stands out for us are 55-inch LED panel, Full HD 1080p, 60Hz refresh rate, Triple XD™ Engine, 7 picture modes, Picture Wizard, SIMPLINK, Clear Voice II technology, 2 HDMI inputs and so much more, all of which can be seen on the LG website.

With all these features working as one with each other, the LG 55LN5200 55-inch LED TV specs deliver movies as intended by the movie director.

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