GTA V zombie DLC unlikely, aliens viable

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 1, 2013

Some gamers just don’t get bored of zombies and want to see a Grand Theft Auto V zombie DLC first rather than anything else, although it is fair to say this would be a nightmare for others that feel zombies have had their day. While we would personally welcome a GTA V zombie DLC, in our opinion it doesn’t quite fit with the theme of this game.

The summer of 2012 revealed a new GTA IV mod that allowed gamers to play against zombies on the PC version and back then it seemed like GTA V would be perfect for zombies. Things have changed slightly now we know the full story and if we saw a mode like this in the form of DLC, then surely it would include aliens not zombies?

If you have played GTA V for any length of time, then you would realize that the alien theme is strong and in fact you can even see one such creature under the water right at the start of the game.

There’s a lot of reasons why the obvious GTA V DLC would be aliens and not zombies, so with this in-mind it just seems more consistent with the story to release some sort of alien downloadable content in the zombie-type theme.

We will stick our neck out and state that we’re not bored of zombie games just yet, loving Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One and have many memories of playing Black Ops 2 zombies, but for GTA V anything other than aliens just wouldn’t fit in our opinion. This doesn’t include the chances of a casino or prison DLC, which both stand a good chance of being featured in a future DLC.


Where do you stand on GTA V zombie DLC vs. aliens? Would you like one of these to feature in some upcoming expansion, and if so would you prefer zombies or aliens?

We have already touched on the possibility of GTA V prison DLC vs. casinos, although the latter theme has been leaked according to some recent rumors.

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  • IVIike

    We should be the zombies and have to survive!

  • chiknugt

    why pit us against eachother- business makes money, make alines, zombies, prison, casino- then sell the mods – whom ever wants them will buy them, capishe

  • SpartanWarrio_628101

    Undead Nightmare was 10/10. A GTA V Undead Nightmare would be awesome.

  • dork

    it’d be nice, but i feel like it may just be yet another undead nightmare

  • ruck1b

    how about don’t add either. Simply make some prison and Casino DLCs. Also make some gang missions, ones that causes other gangs not to like you and shoot on sight.

  • Toshiro Sam Collier

    uh zombies would be perfect what rip off company rockstar is theres a side mission in gta v wheres theres a guy pretending be a zombie on the side of the street so it would make sense to follow up zombie dlc with that

  • Igorr

    i think you are wrong and that zombies on GTA V would make PERFECT sense. the game it self has numerous references to zombies and society acting as zombies. now imagine a campaign story where our main characters wake up one day to news that something caused most citizens of Los Santos to turn into zombies. imagine the chaos, the possibilities with storyline and playability.

  • Plantastic

    and now I am growing The Zombie Plant at home that Plays DEAD when you Touch it!

  • gtavmad

    clearly you would want zombies in this game aliens would be cool but it wouldnt make sence to see loads of aliens coming to attack you therefore zombies would be so much better.

    • Toshiro Sam Collier

      aliens no too much like saints roew if they add aliens it makes gta too whacky saints is whacky gta is not

    • B-Row

      Sound logic.