Fallout 4 morse code explained after countdown

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2013

As expected, the first countdown for the alleged Fallout 4 teaser website has now been revealed, exposing several messages in morse code in the process. We now have a heads-up on what some of the code means, suggesting that Boston could be one likely story setting for Fallout 4 when finally announced officially.

As you can imagine, the hype for Fallout 4 is now through the roof, as these morse code teasers really appear to be keeping everyone on their toes. Nobody knows for sure if Bethesda is really behind everything, but it sure looks that way as we await the climax of the second countdown.

For now, we can tell you that new morse code messages started to appear on the thesurvivor2299.com website once the Nuclear Winter countdown reached zero. At the moment, the website appears to be down for many users, but not before others had a glimpse of new morse code messages which you see above.

Some of the code translations have already been attempted, one of which reads: “RT GB AMERICA GENRAL CALL, GENERAL CALL, BOSTON IS GONE, I REPEAT, BOSTON IS GONE. NO HOPE. FREQUENCY 3450 RETURN TRANSMISSION. GOODBYE AMERICA”.

There’s also some other very interesting clues featuring the keywords ‘Black Row’, ‘Vault119’ and also ‘MIT’ – which could refer to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based in Boston.

It’s all very exciting and we just hope that more concrete evidence is released soon. Head to this ongoing Reddit thread here to stay updated with future teases. If you have already cracked some of the code, let us know what you have found below.

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