Elf Yourself app provides Christmas dances

By Peter Chubb - Dec 1, 2013

The ElfYourself or Elf Yourself app as it is better known is back for another year, and this time provides more dances for Christmas. Most people tend to use this on their iPad, but we do know the app is available on all iOS devices.

OfficeMax ElfYourself app for Android is said to be coming soon or the “elves are on it” is the message we see when clicking on the Android logo. Yet another app that has given the largest platform the cold-shoulder.

There are 9 new ElfYourself dances in total, and you can even restore all your previous purchases from last year. The new dances are as follows: Offcie Party, Honky Tonk, Charleston, Hip Hop, EDM, elfspañol, Soul, 80s and Classic.

Elf Yourself app new dances

The price for these new ElfYourself app dances are $0.99, although you could by the entire bundle for $4.99, which works out much cheaper to do it that way.

Before you buy each dance you can select a preview to see if it is the dance for you, and three of the best on that list has to be Charleston, Hip Hop and Soul, although that’s just a personal preference.

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