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VIZIO 32-inch E320I-A0 LED HDTV video review

Having already offered you a great choice of budget TV models for you to consider of the busy holiday shopping season, we have also detailed some of the more high-end models, such as the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV.

We know that seeing a TV like this will make some people jealous, but all you got to think to yourself is that you will be able to enjoy it a couple if years down the line for a fraction of the price they paid for it.

For now many of you will just have to stick to a lower spec TV, such as the VIZIO 32-inch E320I-A0 LED HDTV. This TV forms part of the E-series and as you can see in the image below has a slim, high-quality design.

VIZIO 32-inch E320I-A0 LED HDTV

This TV is truly slim and would look lovely up on a wall, although not if you have a larger room because this 32-inch model would look lost. However, it would be a perfect gift for a child to put in their bedroom.

We know that the VIZIO E320I-A0 LED HDTV specs are not going to be as good as that 4K TV, but the 720p HD resolution, 60Hz, 200,000 to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, SRS StudioSound HD and VIZIO Internet Apps are more than enough to keep your child happy, or even you in your own bedroom.

To help give you a greater understanding of the VIZIO E320i-A0 32-inch TV, then we would ask for you to watch the video review below. The guy in the video has had the TV for a week at the time of making the video and putting it up on YouTube.



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